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Posted on Friday, March 8th, 2013 at 10:56pm CST by Satya S.

Company: SiteLock

Location: US

Category: Internet Services


I am Santosh

I have a site called

I wanted to my secure my website as few months back I was informed my site was infected with Malware By Godaddy(My website Hosting Company).

I was searching online for Services that provide Website Security, then I came across the site called who provide Website Security Services (as mentioned in their Site).

I wanted to try their Service. I was asked to enter Credit Card Details to use Trial Subscription.

I entered my Credit Card details and Subscribed for Trial Period.

When I used their system to scan my website, I was informed that there were no issues with my site and it was free of any Infection.

I scanned my website using Google Tool but it informed that there were some pages of My website that were infected with Malware.

Since I was not satisfied with the results of SiteLock, I tried to Unsubscribe. I searched all over the site but could not find an option to Unsubscribe to their Services. The Only option that I had was to send an Email to Support Team - [email protected] I sent an Email on the same day I subscribed to the site (18 January 2013) requesting them to Cancel my account.

Then I got the below Reply

From: Sitelock Support <[email protected]>

To: "[email protected]" <[email protected]>

Sent: Saturday, 19 January 2013 5:51 PM

Subject: RE: [] Please Remove my Account [ ref:_00DU0J32t._500U06RlXg:ref ]


The reason that the malware was not found on your site is that there is no sitemap. The scanner does not know where your files are or what they are called.

I can cancel the trial if you wish but in truth you are not fully aware of the true capabilities of a product until it is used properly.

Thank you,

Matt Woodyard

Web Security Consultant

1 877 257 9263 extension 9017

I replied to the above Email again requesting them to cancel my account.

Then I did not get any Reply.

After a Month I was billed $299.

I called My Credit Company (Standard Chartered) regarding this issue but they told me that they cannot help me in this issue and asked me to directly contact the Merchant.

I phoned to International Number - +1(877)257-9263.

I complained them about the issue I experienced and then I was told that I would be refunded my $299 to my Standard Chartered Account.

I was informed that it would take 2 business days for the amount to be refunded.

I waited for 2 days and my amount was not Refunded.

I called them again and I was again told that they would refund my Money back and was given a Ticket Number - 00081536 for future communications.

I sent an Email on the Same Day for reminding them.

I did not get any Reply again. I called them again after few days for the refund. My call got disconnected while speaking to the Support Agent. I tried to reach them next day again and no one lifted my call.

I request you to help me in getting my amount my back. I am sick of calling the SiteLock team so many times.

I have the proof of Email Communication. If you need more details, please Email me

Thank You



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0f2504ad, 2013-03-19, 02:22AM CDT

even i have same issue with

Satya S., 2013-03-19, 10:07PM CDT


did you take any action against them.

I am thinking to raise this issue to US ICE - US CyberCrime Center.

Thank You


Arjun K., 2013-06-05, 10:08AM CDT

Sitelock has just charged me $300 in an fraudulent way. I had asked them to cancel my card. I have written to them via email 5 times, they have not even bothered to respond. Sitelock seems to be a FRAUD company. All Please beware of entering your credit card details into the sitelock website, they will charge your card, despite written requests by you to them, instructing them not to do so in the trial period, then they will not respond to emails to support. If they do not provide a full refund, I will take strong legal action against them seeking PUNATIVE DAMAGES for credit card fraud. If anyone else has been defrauded by SITELOCK please email me at [email protected] so that we can form a group to take legal action. Here is my 5th email to Sitelock that I sent today:

Dear Sitelock Support:

I see that you have charged other users fradulently and thereafter have not responded to support emails and calls as you are doing in my case. Please see:

Please note, for the legal record, this is my 5th email to you and I have not received a reponse over the past few days. If you have charged my credit card depite my written request within the 30 day trial period not to charge it, the least you can do is respond to emails regarding the same.

Make no mistake about it, if you do not respond to this in a timely way, and refund the credit card, we will form a group of people who have been defrauded by you thus and take strong legal action. And the PUNATIVE DAMAGES

..PUNATIVE DAMAGES that we will collectively seek for charging credit cards fradulently and then not responding to emails will be substantially higher than the $300 that you have charged out card.

For the legal record, please note the date on this email, and refund the credit card charges. Please take this to be an official legal reminder to you to take action to remedy the situation now before we take legal action against you.

Each email that I send you that you do not respond to strengthens my case that you are not responding in a timely manner after having charged my credit card fradulently.

Please respond before it is too late. Please escalate this matter to the highest support people in Sitelock for they will be sorry when legal action seeking punative damages is sought.

92ea83a2, 2013-06-10, 09:31AM CDT

I got the same issue with SiteLock. It's a Fraud company who charges you saying the "system shows you got a full account, nothing we can do about it".

What to do against them/it?

Arjun K., 2013-06-10, 11:34PM CDT

Sitelock is not even replying to my mails. I had asked them to cancel my registration within the 30 day trial period. Yet they charged me. Then I emailed them 5 times, stating 1st request, 2nd request and so on, however I did not get a single reply.

They are committing blatant theft and fraud.

I am all for taking strong legal action against them, seeking large punative damages. If they have done this to 5 people here, I am certain this is their express policy, given the emphasis they give the free trial on their website.

I suggest we make a group of people who have been cheated by Sitelock. Let us seek attorneys who will sue them and seek large punative damages to restrain them from their fraudulent activities and get a refund and compensation for wasting our time and energy.

If any of you would like to join me in taking strong legal action against Sitelock, please email me at [email protected] so that we can form a group. Any and all suggestions are welcome.

Also if anyone knows other consumer forums on the net that are popular we can post our complaints there, so that more people can find us and join this group. I would appreciate if everyone who has been cheated by Sitelock posts here and emails us so we can form a strong group.

Arjun K., 2013-06-10, 11:41PM CDT

Here is the email that I wrote them today. I encourage all other people cheated by Sitelock to email me so that we can form a group to take strong legal action seeking punative damages from Sitelock:

Dear Sitelock:

This is my 6th email to you where I have not got a reply regarding my refund. Please note within the 30 day trial period I had emailed you and made a ticket stating cancel me trial. Yet I was billed. If you are not providing a refund to my credit card and have not responded even once to my 5th email to your support email address, it is clear you are committing fraud. Please note that we will keep writing to you and let the record show that the emails are not bouncing and so you are getting the emails. Despite getting the emails, you are not replying after having fraudulently charged my credit card. Each email I send you emphasized your fraudulent intent when you do not bother even to reply.

Please note we are forming a group to take strong legal action against Sitelock for cheating and fraud. You can see the group forming here:

There are other people who have been cheated by you, who are emailing me. I would suggest that you take this matter seriously and provide the refunds before you are faced with a multi million dollar lawsiut for cheating and forgery.

Note we will spread our posts to all consumer forums to make a large group of people cheated by you to take collective action.

I await your reply expediently or very soon you will hear from our lawyers.

hendra s., 2013-07-16, 06:30PM CDT

Same thing happened to me. I thought it was free for trial, after 30 days they charged me USD 299 , without any prior email notification as a normal procedure from web based company do to remind their customer. If you visit their site there is NO page to mentioned that "after 30 days you will be charged by ...". I'm now requesting refund, but don't know the result yet, they promise me 7-10 days.

Additionally, there is no option to update your "term of payment whether you want auto renewal or manual" in billing ! This mean they will automatically charge you on annual basis, and worse : YOU DON'T HAVE OPTION TO CHOOSE WHETHER TO CONTINUE OR STOP THE SUBSCRIPTION !!!

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