Swick Plumbing and Heating - No guarantee or return of parts, and Bad service tech advice

Posted on Friday, March 8th, 2013 at 9:24am CST by Sandy K.

Product: Sensor, Ignition Control, and Gas Valve

Company: Swick Plumbing and Heating

Location: 1840 Presque Isle Ave

URL: http://quickcallswick.com/

Category: Home, Garden

On 2/1/13 our furnace quit, after determining that we had a cracked sensor, my husband went to Swick for a new one. After getting the sensor home and replaced the furnace still did not work. My husband then called Swick and spoke with a service tech who then told my husband it was the Ignition Control. On 2/4/13 we purchased the Ignition Control, brought it home replaced it and still the furnace would not work. Again my husband spoke with the service tech from Swick who said that we could not return the Ignition Control because it was electronic and if that wasn't the problem then it had to be the gas Valve. On 2/5/13 we purchased the gas valve and again the furnace did not work. Again my husband called to see if we could return the gas valve and were told no by Swick even though this part is not electronic. On 2/7/13 we called our Natural Gas provider Semco Energy and they sent a service tech who came and looked at the furnace. After checking out the furnace the service tech from Semco said that Swick had sold us a faulty sensor and that we should let them know so that they could exchange it. We then called Swick and told them that we had, had it checked by a service tech from Semco and that the sensor they originally sold us was faulty. Swick then informed us that in order for them to give us a new sensor they would have to send one of they're service techs to test it and then replace it if necessary. Also, they informed us that we would need to pay for this service call. Needless to say we had already run out of money from the parts they told us to buy and we refuse to pay for a service tech to come test a part that they sold us in the first place that was faulty. At this point we would like a full refund on all three parts that Swick sold to us, so that we may purchase the Sensor needed to fix our furnace from a more reputable company.

We do have all 3 reciepts for the parts that we purchased if they are needed.

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Business Reply  Nancy B., 2013-04-13, 07:12PM CDT


Please contact me directly to discuss this. I am the Customer Relations Manager and I will do what I can to resolve this for you. I have not received any calls from you and I can't find any "Sandy K" that we have done business with in the past 3 months in our records. Perhaps it's under your husbands name. Please let me know how I can help

My number is:(906) 228-3400

Thank you-

Nancy Bailey

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