MSC Developement, Inc aka Brighter Image Dental Labe aka Bill Veneers aka Image Dental - This company is a complete scam!

Posted on Thursday, March 7th, 2013 at 1:04pm CST by Annie M.

Product: Press on Veneer / Brighter Image Teeth Whitening

Company: MSC Developement, Inc aka Brighter Image Dental Labe aka Bill Veneers aka Image Dental

Location: 2433 S. University Dr.


Category: Health, Beauty

Read the terms and conditions very carefully before and everyday after you make your purchase. They are constantly updating them and changing them.

These people are scam artists. Most of the so called after photos on their website have been photoshopped and are not real or they are employees. On page 2 of the shopping cart there is a photo of a lady with short hair named Beth, but that is not her real name. That photo is Laurie Hall herself!

They are very nice in the begining but once they have your money they no longer care about you. If you even receive your order it will take months and month for you to get it. It will be stuck on the model made from your impressions and they will claim it fits and is covered under the terms and conditions.

Did you know that Bill Watson does not have any dental experience? This man is not qualified to make veneers. The "Lab Manager" worked in a Photo Booth before working for this company. Bill Watson's former business experience is window tinting! He doesn't know anything about teeth. He is a charlatan and a fraud.

Report this man to every organizatioin that you can including going to your local news. This company needs to be stopped! They are crooks!

Their teeth whitening gel is a joke too. They offer 30% and a 38% but they are scamming customers because it only comes one way and they get it in 5 gallon buckets. They have it squeezed into syringes by their "lab techs". They use a black one and white ones and call them what they want. They are purposely decieving customers.


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