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Posted on Thursday, March 7th, 2013 at 9:01am CST by ba305894

Product: Dining room table Coaster

Company: Home Furniture Mart

Location: 5301 Sheila St.

URL: homefurnituremart.com

Category: Furniture

We received a dining table on 2/18/13 which was delivered into my home. Two cartons, one table top and one pedestal. The cartons showed no apparent damage. I opened, and spot checked to see if I could note any damage, which I could not. I did sign for the boxes as I could not see any damage. After unwrapping the pedestal from the Styrofoam wrap I began to vacuum off the numerous pieces that covered the base of the item. While doing so, I noticed chunks of the veneer were missing and upon further examination, there was a large crack to the bottom base of the item. I immediately took pictures and filed a damage report with the company. After not hearing back, I sent an email to their customer service. Gloria, CS Rep, responded saying they did not have my initial submission. I resubmitted on 2/22. After not receiving a response within their stated 48 hour time, I phoned Gloria. The supervisor still had not made a decision. On 3/1/13, after not having received a response, I sent another email to Gloria expressing our concern with the lack of response from her supervisor and our desire to have them take back the item and return our money. I received no response from the company. It took 15 days 3 phone calls and several emails before the owner responded. At that time he quoted company policy and failed to understand the circumstances. He then accused me of extortion, black mail, being irresponsible and causing the damage. I filed a claim with the Better Business Bureau and in his response he provides false information by stating I brought the item in the house and that is when the damage occurred. In fact the delivery men brought the 2 cartons into my home and placed them in the dining room where they were to be assembled. He also falsely claimed I waited a couple of days before filing the claim. I filed it that day. They conveniently said they did not receive that claim. I kept copies. The owner claims he is following in the law. I'm not concerned about law as much as company integrity and customer service. This company believes their responsibility stops with the letter of law. In this man's world, had I found a defect or damage while assembling the product "that's just too bad". They will not stand behind their product and will revert to making personal attacks and accusation when challenged. I WOULD WARN EVERYONE TO STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMAPNY. WORST ONLINE PURCHASING EXPERIENCE EVER!


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