Peak Potentials - Peak Potentials Out of Integrity with their refund policy

Posted on Wednesday, March 6th, 2013 at 7:25pm CST by b8980855

Company: Peak Potentials

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Peak Potentials offers a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with their course, but they will do whatever they can to not honor it. This is the second time I took a course from them and was unsatisfied. They are very nice and pleasant when it comes to authorizing the refund request, but when it comes to actually refunding you it's a different story.

The first time I asked for a refund:

After attending the entire first day of the course (World's Greatest Marketing Seminar), I didn't like it and got the refund authorization. After emailing them for 6 weeks without any response, I put in a dispute with the credit card company who refunded my credit card within a week. A week after that, Peak Potentials calls and says that if I drop the dispute, they'll write me a check. I asked them to send me that in an email so that I could have it in writing. They refused and said that if they dispute the charge-back they would win and we would get no refund at all. Well, I stuck to my guns and either Peaks Potentials was bluffing or the credit card company ruled in my favor.

The second time I asked for a refund:

My email to Peak Potentials on Mar 6, 2013:

My boyfriend received a voice-mail today from Susan Fantus, Manager at Peak Potentials Client Care stating that our refund request was in "integrity review and you should know why." When he called her back, she said "explain yourself" and insinuated that he did not comply with your refund policy based on the fact that he had been unsatisfied with one of your previous seminars. I do not understand why his dissatisfaction of other courses has anything to do with the one in question. She treated him with hostility, animosity, disrespect and bluntly stated that he had no integrity because he didn't like the seminar (I wasn't satisfied either). We are entitled to my own opinion of Peak Potential seminars as I'm sure you understand that the seminars are not for everybody.

She argued that he had never paid for any Peak Potentials courses even though he paid for premium seats to the MMI (which I will no longer recommend to others after seeing how your customer service team disrespects and attacks people for not being satisfied with a course) in May 2012 and offered to give her a copy of the credit card receipt.

She also accused him of taking advantage of Peak Potentials by signing up for courses and to get "free information." I can assure you that we both had every intention of learning from the courses that were paid for in full. Why else would we have paid $995 + $495 almost a year in advance to reserve a spot in the seminar? In order to attend this course, we had to block off three entire days out of my busy life (time off work, time away from business, I had to miss spending time with my family on the anniversary of my father's passing, and having to miss my dear friend's child's first birthday) and pay for 4 nights of accommodations (even though we only stayed for 2 nights). Why would we go through all that trouble just to get "free information"?

If I do not feel that the information given is worth my precious time or money - I will not stay for the entire course. Unfortunately, we were not satisfied (again, we are entitled to our own opinions of the seminar), so we acted accordingly. It was completely unprofessional of Susan Fantus to attack my boyfriend the way she did.

The refund policy states: ?We offer a Money Back Guarantee, if after the attending the entire first day of the course, you are dissatisfied with your purchase. To qualify you must notify staff at the conclusion of the first (1st) day of your request for refund and complete the required request form. You must return all course materials you have received during the first day and will not be admitted any further days of the course. You will be entitled to a refund of the full amount of the course??

We attended the entire first day of the seminar on March 1, 2013, was not satisfied, and got the refund authorized by the Event Manager Annmarie Wright (see receipt attached). We returned our name badges and did not attend any other day of the course. We have fully complied with your policy and we cannot get back that time that we spent at the seminar. If Peak Potentials does not plan to honor their own refund policy because they disagree with a client's reason for not being satisfied, then the refund should not have been authorized in the first place.

Now the refund request is being reviewed by their "legal" team, which is absolutely ridiculous. Who is the one who is out of integrity here?

Please beware and please read and consider all the other complaints about them before you decide to buy from them. And if you are not happy with their services, be prepared to either lose your hard earned money or fight tooth and nail to get it back.

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did you ever get your refund?

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