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Posted on Tuesday, March 5th, 2013 at 12:48pm CST by Ariel T.

Product: camera


Location: US


Category: Online Shopping

Buyers, BEWARE!!!!

Do not buy any item from this company.

-Customer Service not good...

I received a phone call from Company Rep named "Allen", and I was informed about my recent purchase. i was told that I must buy the battery for the camera, since the battery that comes with it will only last 2o minutes, and that he is offering the $140 extra battery that will be much better for the camera. Also offered was ther external flash that cost $260, and is expensive somewhere else.

I told him that I am not new to the photography world since I have my own business, and was told by him that, the accesorry that comes with the camera is not good, so "you must buy this extra items" so that the equipment works well. I told hime that I will not need it, and Iahve to go, I have customers on my shop. This "allen" guy still insist to include it in my order..I just hung up the phone. That was February 5.

Now March 5, I have not yet received my orders. per Website, item will be shipped within 7-9 days. Checking on their websitem it is still in process, though Item was posted as paid last February 7, 2013.

I called this morning, waited for 40 minutes before someone answers my call, and when directed to "Allen", again, i was told that the order I made will be shipped "today". So If I ahvent called, my order would have never been shipped. So I dont know how true will that be.I will post another follow-up if my item will be ship today, as "Allen" said.

I do not recommend this Company...


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