Yallstore / Tmart / N & K Trading . - 2GB .MP3 Sports Watch .

Posted on Tuesday, March 5th, 2013 at 4:26am CST by Phil. H.

Product: 2GB MP3 Sports Watch .

Company: Yallstore / Tmart / N & K Trading .

Location: NJ, US

URL: Yallstore.com

Category: Jewelry, Watches

Onth 28th I posted a complaint regarding a Defective Watvh bought from Tmart .

I decided to buy a replacement from an Ebay company - Yallstore

Next Big Mistake !!! If I had checked I would have found out this is the same Bunch of Chancers under a different name .( by the time I found out it was too late & I had to keep my fingers crssed )

The watch arrived yesterday , & Surprise , Surprise !! a load of Junk !

The watch does not work , they say try pressing the pointer button ??

Are they Joking ?? Do you not press the button while setting the pointers

They do not seem to understand that if the pointers do not go around it is difficult to tell the time & therefore should not be sold as a watch !!

The MP3 does not work , I put a few songs on which show up in the memory , play on the computer , but do not play on the watch . They ask are the right format ?? yes .

I am no expert , but I do not think there is any firmware ?

So after forking out ?50 ., I have one load of Junk & one sent back which they Still claim they have not received ., apparently the address they give you to return to , is an un-staffed warehouse .!!!

So the first watch could be anywhere .

Please be Warned if you are considering buying from this Lot .

Next step for me is to Report to the UK., Police Fraud site .



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zg z., 2013-03-21, 04:45AM CDT

Yallstore / Tmart / N & K Trading.Also having trouble with Tmart.

Hi, I bought an item from Tmart three weeks ago and have still not received it, nor any response to my email of enquiry to the company. Fortunately I paid via Pay Pal, and have opened that matter as a dispute at Pay Pal's website. Withing 24 hours I will escalate the dispute for Pay Pal to resolve.

I have also reported this dealer to Pay Pay stating that numerous customers of theirs have complained about their poor quality of goods, and lack of service (giving Pay Pal links to some of the sites where complaints have been lodged). Perhaps Pay Pal will cease to offer these traders the facility to receive payment through Pay Pal. This may stop many people from doing business with them. One tends to think that when a company offers Pay Pal as an option to pay for goods that they are a reputable organisation. Wouldn't it be nice if whenever one goes to a seller's web site that the web host automatically does a Google or other search for us on the trader. This way we would be warned about the crooks out there.

We should all get into the habit of doing a search before ever buying from anyone on the internet.

Phil. H., 2013-03-21, 04:55AM CDT

I may now sound Cynical , but I think they spend too much money with Paypal for them to be unduly worried .

I opened a Case with Paypal , & because I had returned the item prior to contacting them & had not added tracking, ( not usually required in the UK ., for a max 2day post , they were not interested .

A waste of time !!

After this I will always return with tracking , what happened to Trust Your Fellow Man ?

douglaschen c., 2013-04-02, 02:32AM CDT

"I've bought only once at Tmart. Tried several other similar e-shops before. Tmart isn't any worse than the others. Everything was done excellent for me. The received item was exactly like it had been described on their site. The quality was fine. I have nothing to complain about their service. What else should we expect from a seller."

zg z., 2013-04-02, 03:31AM CDT


Pay Pal resolved my case in my favour. Their message to me stated:

"....We have concluded our investigation into your case and have decided in your


We were able to recover $2.83 AUD, and this amount has been credited to

you. Please allow 5 business days for this adjustment to be posted.

If you are due any additional funds, we will make our best effort to

recover the balance from the seller.

If the seller's account has insufficient funds to complete the refund owed

to you, please be assured that we will take appropriate action against the

seller's account, which may include limitation of the seller's account


Seller's Name: N&K Trading Inc_Tmart

Seller's Email: [email protected]......"

Brian c., 2014-08-23, 09:23PM CDT

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0721dafc, 2015-12-15, 11:55AM CST

bought obd code scanner the cd that came with it does not work on windows10.

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