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Posted on Wednesday, March 6th, 2013 at 7:14pm CST by Alfred M.

Product: Web Site Builder and in many other fields

Company: Creative Internet Solutions, LLC

Location: 4532 N SOLANO DR N


Category: Internet Services

Paid this company to build me a website. They had one up in a few days.

I did not like the name or setup so I cancelled but I did sign a contract for $2450.

In October on a day when I was in Asia with my wife, a contract for $4900 was sent to Citi cards. I noticed it when I got home and did not know what it was for. They forged my name, spelled it wrong, dated it Oct 24, 2012 when I was out of the country and claimed that it was for a 3 month purchase of Googles Adwords, a way to advertise your website.

I called Google and they never heard of the company or Frank Montoy, who I called and blatently told me I will never get my money back. Some nerve.

A total fraud and I am stuck with the bill. Small claims court does not work, they can bring a judgement against the company but they don't have to pay. Been there done that.

Thanks for letting me tell this to you.

Alfred Marton


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