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Posted on Tuesday, March 5th, 2013 at 7:25pm CST by Danny D.

Company: Complete Inspection Service

Location: NJ, US


Category: Building, Construction

I called this company today and left a message. The owner Kyle Sakar called me back. He inspected my house that I sold in a 55+ community for my buyers and I needed an inspector for the house that I bought. He charged my buyers $275.

He told me that he would be charging me $350. I asked him repeatedly why was the price $75 more. He said because the house that I sold was in a 55+ community and the one that I was buying was not. I asked him what was this difference just because one house is in a 55+ community and one was not. After all a house is a house no matter where it is located. Now understand that this guy is the owner of this business. His reply was "I don't know"!!!

I could not believe that the owner who sets the pricing did not know why one was more expensive than the other. I told him that in any business if a product costs more there is a reason for it and the merchant should be able to explain. He was silent . He still could not answer my question and just hung up on me!!! This guy is rude and unprofessional. If you cannot trust his pricing then how in the world can you trust his inspection. There are plenty on honest inspectors out there. This person proved to me tonight that he is not one of them. You never hang up on potential customers. I tried calling back and he hid behind his voicemail to pick up the call. STAY AWAY!!!! NJ license #24G1000138

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Business Reply  Kyle S., 2013-07-12, 05:37PM CDT

I would like to respond to the comment Mr. Doris posted on this site. As the owner of my company, I reserve the right to set my pricing as I see fit. I choose to give seniors and Military personnel a discount. Mr. Doris could not understand this, he was beligerant, and would not give me a chance to explain this to him. It's unfortunate, but he cannot stop his mouth from running long enough to listen. It is also convienient of him to hide behind "Danny D" instead of his full name.

Kyle Saker

Complete Inspection Service


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