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I had the worst experience today. I am beyond frustrated. The escalation department (transferred there after Service could not help me) was completely useless and extremely frustrating. This is YOUR problem and I CANNOT believe you are not going to make this right. Thursday, 2/28 I had my refrigerator repaired under my Master Protection Plan. In addition I had my other 5 appliances serviced for the complimentary yearly service. Since my tech left on Thursday, my built in icemaker stopped working. I called on Sunday 3/3 to schedule a service. A male rep helped me and said the soonest they could arrive was Tuesday, 3/5 and gave me the choice b/t 8-12 and 1-5. I chose the latter as I had an appt at Children's Hospital in the morning. On Monday I received the automated call reminding me that my appt was Tuesday from 1 -5. I took off work so that I could be home. This morning, I received ANOTHER automated call, this time reminding me of my appointment on 3/6 from 8-12. I thought maybe they had me double booked so I called to correct them and Service let me know that they DID NOT have me down for Tuesday, but instead just this Wed. appt. THERE IS NO CHANCE I MADE A WED APPT. I HAVE A COMPLETELY FULL DAY. I explained this, let her know I received 2 automated phone calls, and she said they could not add anyone to today's schedule. Because the whole reason I'm having this appt is because YOUR TECH on Thursday clearly forgot to reconnect something, I explained I needed this to be taken care of TODAY. She transferred me to "escalation". Round and round I went with A REP who offered me $50 or a 6 month extension on my warranty. I explained I had been w/o ice since friday, I had taken work off, I had gotten an automated call about the correct appt yesterday, I still show it on my phone log, and I would prefer she spend the $50 on paying a tech overtime. She could not help in any area and I understand that HOWEVER she claimed there was NO ONE ELSE MORE SUPERIOR TO HER that I could talk to. REALLY? NO ONE? SHE CLAIMED SHE WAS THE HIGHEST IN CUSTOMER SERVICE. I said "really? you have no boss? You report directly to the President?" She said "Wendy, you are a professional woman I'm sure and you know that isn't true". I said then that I wanted to speak to her superior and she said they do not talk to the customers. REALLY? Is Sears not in the business of making the client happy, particularly when it is SEARS' MISTAKE? Do all of the Master Protection agreements I have mean nothing? I spent 45 minutes on the phone (( have record of it) and ultimately while she was "processing" my $50 credit for my troubles, we were DISCONNECTED and can you believe after how mad I was to start with SHE DID NOT BOTHER TO EVEN CALL ME BACK????? She had reviewed my cell and email at least twice. COULD SHE HAVE EMAILED ME INSTEAD IF SHE WAS SICK OF TALKING TO ME???? NOOOOOO. Horrible service. You know the notion of when you have good service you tell one person, but if you have bad service you tell 10? I can assure you I will not be stopping at 10. I am livid. This is literally the worst service I have had from any one company. What ALSO makes me mad is that my Tech on Thursday sold me an extra master agreement. He had me give my Credit Card info on the phone to the rep and she said she would email me a link so I could print the agreement. The Tech at my house could not produce me a receipt. SO NOW, it is 5 days later. I HAVE NO EMAILED RECEIPT. Nothing that shows I gave someone my credit card for $220 to cover a second refrigerator in my home and I have nothing to show for it. I can't even stomach calling service again to ask about this as I know I will get the run around. I will be writing a letter similar to this to every single person at Sears that I can find. And the sad part is the ice maker is still broken.

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I?m sorry for any distress and inconvenience you have encountered with your refrigerator repairs. My name is Christine R. and I?m with the Sears Cares Social Media Support team and we would like to help. We would like the opportunity to have one of our dedicated case managers contact you in order to ensure a proper resolution to your continued concerns and an end to your frustration. Please send the following information-contact#, screen name (9e4c4615) and the phone # used at time of purchase to [email protected]

Thank you,

Christine R.

Social Media Moderator

Sears Social Media Support

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