AirAsia - AirAsia Selling Cancellable tickets then provides no refund

Posted on Tuesday, March 5th, 2013 at 10:34pm CST by 1724526b

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Company: AirAsia

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AirAsia's website shows that you can purchase a cancellable PREMIUM class ticket. However, when you try to cancel, there is no way to do this on the website. When we called them, they told us very rudely no refunds under any circumstances. Then they deny that this information is on their website. However, it is on the website and when we told them exactly where it is, they change their story. We also bought travel insurance, so this should be covered under that. However, they say the insurance is only if THEY cancel the flights no if we have some type of problem and can't make it. Then they tell us not to worry because the payment has gone through and if we just don't show, everything will cancel. I call my credit card company immediately, smelling a rat, and sure enough the money is already out of my credit card account already - not a reserve as they stated.

AirAsia lied to it's customers and insinuated that tickets are refundable, then ripped us off, denying their own insurance coverage provided on their website will cover the situation, then lying again to get us to just leave it alone as times goes by and we are out of our hard-earned money. We spent hours with three different people. The last customer service rep said that the first one did not know what they were doing.

AirAsia uses unethical practices to coerce customers into just giving up before they will get their money back.

I have the data, i have their customer service representatives recordings, i have the transaction data. In my opinion, their have an active enterprise that is attempting to take customers for everything they can.



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Gerry B., 2013-04-13, 02:05PM CDT

We may be in a similar situation. We purchased two premium tickets based on the cancellation "check mark" on their website. We might need to cancel. Were you ever successful in getting your refund?

bc1a9092, 2014-07-12, 10:44AM CDT

Yes AirAsia is not practicing good business ethics as most of other Air lines do and they are very cunning/rude doing the business too!

Only good thing about it is some cheap budget Air Tickets which are highly competitive!

Problem is other Air Lines can't offer Air Asia price otherwise lot of people not use Air Asia!

Only solution to this is make Air Line Industry more competitive and down side of this is then Air Line Employees get bad salaries!

So this is all happening due to evil nature of capitalism based economy today we have in the world!

We need to go for a democratic economy then people get real chance to enjoy life!

So no where to complaint about Air Asia!

81896e9b, 2015-11-06, 09:20AM CST

I purchased Air Asia tickets totaling over $1,200 for my wife and I for travel within Asia for a planned 5 week vacation. 10 days prior to our departure date (October 17, 2015) from the U.S. I broke my ankle. Under doctors orders I cannot fly or travel for 4 months. Japan Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Jet Star and Air China all refunded my money. Air Asia refused all requests for a compassionate refund. Even though their web site states they will issue a credit for use on future flights in the event illness prevents you from traveling, they refuse to do so. It is impossible to get an english speaking person on the phone (I have called their offices in Thailand multiple times) and the only avenue for communication is email. All of my email requests have been denied for "no response from guest" or "request does not meet our refund criteria." I have exhausted all the means available to get a refund. I am out $1,200 and have no options left. I will never again consider Air Asia for air travel.

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