denson ranch - paying customer

Posted on Monday, March 4th, 2013 at 11:18am CST by d79468de

Product: Barbara

Company: denson ranch

Location: US

Category: Entertainment

I was reading the complaint page from 2000-2008 seam to me that the complaint are the same .

the westeren channel plays the same programing in the daytime and the same thing plays all day and night long and keeps playing for mo. If you ar going to have a tribute to an actor then wait and show there movies then instead of all month then the tribute the same movies.

I agree with everyone else their are thousand of westerns to be shown that we have not seen in years.

We all work hard and for some this is all the entertainment we get and for the price we have to pay I think we should get our money worth without haveing to watch the same thing month to month.

Whats on now we seen since sept 2012.




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