SAMSUNG brand new S3 with 2 serious manufacturing problems

Posted on Monday, March 4th, 2013 at 10:23pm CST by ahmed F.

Product: SAMSUNG brand new S3 with 2 serious manufacturing problems

Company: SAMSUNG brand new S3 with 2 serious manufacturing problems

Location: DUBAI, AE

Category: Consumer Electronics


1- I bought a Samsung galaxy S3 mobile phone on 21st Feb 2013

2- Travelled to my home country for 20 days vacation

3- When I came back to Dubai, I unpacked my mobile and started using the same

4- Mobile phone was found having 2 serious problems

? It was found too slow

? Battery goes out of charge in less than 5 hrs in standby mood

5- I took it to AXIOM Dubai where I bought the device, they checked it and confirm the problem ( job no. 7020157069 at axiom dubai)

6- Service center has contacted me next day confirming the above mentioned problem and advised that they will change the mobile main bored

7- The same was rejected by me since it is not fair to buy a brand new mobile with a replaced bored and a problem in the battery

8- I logged a call to SAMSUNG Dubai where an agent called Salman has called me refused to replace the mobile with another piece stating that ? YES, it is not logic to get a brand new S3 with a replaced full bored but this is our policy and we cant deviate it at any case and you have to collect your mobile?

9- I was surprised when I found AXIOM Dubai calling me and notifying me about the report they received from SAMSUNG Dubai where Samsung agent mr. ( salman) has faked a report and sent to AXIOM Dubai stating that ? the customer was convinced after we called him and he is willing to receive his fixed mobile at anytime?

Above is for you kind attention and action since I deserve a new piece and not a seriously infected one!


Ahmed Fahim

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f0d9b574, 2014-04-26, 07:13PM CDT


Did you get any resolution on this? I am going thru similar issue now, phone won't charge as port wont connect when you plug it in. S is less than a year old and the smae issue was "repaired" 3 months ago.

They refuse to replace, only repair and told me it will be covered under warranty this time, but not next time. Next time....defective crap!

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