Airlink101 - Piece of crap!

Posted on Monday, March 4th, 2013 at 7:20pm CST by Riki S.

Product: AirLink101 Wireless Router model#AR670W

Company: Airlink101

Location: 47606 Kato Road, Fremont, CA 94538 USA
FREMONT, CA, 94538, US


Category: Consumer Electronics

I live in NY. as u may know we were hit by a hurricane so a lot of my things got destroyed. one being my internet service. after a week of getting my cable company to come fix our modem, i soon realized my wireless router (then linksy) was also messed up. so my apt has internet but not wifi. so i say to myself ok im gonna go buy a new router go out and buy the AirLink101 Wireless Router model#AR670W. setting it up was a peach, it's just after it was hooked up the problems began. i was constantly disconnected from the wifi. ha to reboot the box 10 times a day. they're were some days it worked peacefully but otherwise it had to be rebooted. the store i bought it from has a no return policy so i said if all i have to do is reboot it fine it's annoying but whatever. but now for some reason it won't connect. I call costumer service and they guy kept saying no it's the cable modem. i tried explaining to him that i rebooted the cable modem and hooked my laptop to it and it's working fine. it's the router. but he kept going on about hoe it's not the router its the modem -___- i hung up. i no longer want this box. my old linksy box costed me $15 and worked perfectly. this piece of shit box costed me $50 and doesn't work for shit!!! tomorrow im going to radio shack and get me a linksy box and then im burning this crap box


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