home user - Optimum sucks and getting worst

Posted on Sunday, March 3rd, 2013 at 11:54am CST by Sal

Company: home user

Location: UY

Category: Internet Services

optimum customer service and support is going down and my bill keeps going up. I was placed on hold for over 30 min just to speak with supervisor, they couldn't find one to talk to me, meanwhile the reason i wanted to express my concern was because they cut my service for 34.00 dollars, despite me making my monthly payments. So it turns out i had lost my promo time and this 34.00 dollars was an accumlation without my knowledge, this freaking bastards cancelled my internet service. That day i had pushed updates to more than 600 clients and all failed because of the interruption of my service which cost me days of work. I received a call back the next day at 10 am during business hours from a rude supervisor who didn't apologize or express and remorse for my issue. They are crooks rude and i will never do business with them.


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