Expedia - Ms.

Posted on Sunday, March 3rd, 2013 at 3:21pm CST by 3a245cad

Company: Expedia

Location: US

Category: Hotels

On February 26th, 2013, I made a reservation through Expedia.com for a place in Duluth, MN called Beacon Point. I had to cancel this reservation with one hour after reserving it. I tried cancelling it online and after a couple of failed attempts, I called expedia.com and spoke with a woman who helped me with my cancellation. I never did receive a cancellation via email, so I again tried to cancel it myself online at expedia.com unsuccessfully. Today, (March 3rd), I am STILL ATTEMPTING TO CANCEL my reservation. I've been on hold with an expedia.com agent now for nearly half an hour now waiting to see if this reservation will get cancelled. This agent (before placing me on hold for the 'millioneth' time) told me at one point, the hotel wanted me to give them $50 for cancelling! I thought I was going to pop a cork when he told me this!! Anyway, after telling this guy that they were not going to get one penny from me, I have been placed again on hold so the supervisor can decide the fate of this reservation. Now! Unless you want to go through this sort of nightmare, PLEASE don't use expedia!!! By the way, decision just reached! Expedia.com has canceled the reservation, BUT told me I WILL HAVE TO PAY 50 bucks to Beacon Point! How ya like them apples???????????????? ):


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