Shaw Direct - Poor business practices

Posted on Saturday, March 2nd, 2013 at 2:45pm CST by Hawkridge

Product: satellite tv

Company: Shaw Direct

Location: po Box 2530 STN M Calgary.AB T2P 0C2


Category: Telecommunications

Several months ago we had consistent problem with our pvr. But the company said it was down to our safety power bar, and that we should make the electrical connection directly into the outlet. We did thisd but it didnt change the anything so we kep phoning Shaw up and complaing. After two months they decide to call up thier tech guys and sent them out. The tech guys said the unit wasnt any good and replaced it for us,they said it was'nt any good. Thanks Shaw for keeping us waiting all this time.

Part of the problem was that the pvr had deletd some new shows that I had recorded and shaw gave us credits for only two of these.

Their new rule is that any movie you record will automatically be deletd after only 40 hours. I had just recorded Anna karenins last thursday at 12-30 noon time, my wide is oof today and we went to watch it and iots gone already. Obviously the forty hours includes the movie time it takes to record. Now Shaw direct have taken back my credit and the movie as well. Where and how does a company use these poor business practices to scam their customers and tell them they must watch the rcording within 40 hours including the time it takes to record it. Unreal!! Well Shaw we will most certainly not be ever renting from you again until,you rescind this stupid rule and I would urge everybody else to do the same as well. Its downright theft and I couldnt care less about your stupid rules. Its disgusting that you would rip seniors off like this and I have every intention of informing Market Place about this and as many others as possible, you are nothing short of S+%#@ artists and deserve to lose many of your senior Citizen clients for doing this to them.


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