Keith Spicer's Tea - Keith Spicer?s Tea Tastes Like Dishwater

Posted on Saturday, March 2nd, 2013 at 12:15am CST by Elina B.

Company: Keith Spicer's Tea

Location: US

Category: Food

Ban the lot from the country. They betrayed have us and I have stopped using Keith Spicer's tea for good. It tastes like dishwater and so many times I have found metal products in loose tea. Now I have moved on to greater tastes and thank god for that. It?s so refreshing and relieving! It will never come to my table again!


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Adeola David, 2013-03-18, 01:27AM CDT

Keith Spicer UK is totally fake. They doing nothing just cheating people by selling their worst tea products,

29189604, 2013-03-21, 09:16AM CDT

Firstly we are very sorry to hear that you are unhappy, at Keith Spicer we do take all complaints very seriously. We have not received any complaints directly into our business of this nature.

In order to ensure that we supply products which match our customers high expectations we have a wide range of quality control measures in place. The systems we have allow us to trace any specific complaint back and review using the ?batch code? printed with the Best Before Date. We also regularly test for pesticides in our teas to ensure that they comply with worldwide regulations.

We would be happy to discuss any specific complaints that you have. We would especially be interested following these complaints with you as we do not currently sell the products you have outlined in your web posted statement.

Please contact us directly and if available quote the batch code of the products you have experienced problems with, if you can provide information on where the products were purchased this would help us greatly to investigate your complaints fully.

Customer service department

[email protected]

Lisa C., 2013-04-05, 11:40PM CDT

Spicer shame on you. Stop cheating people. Otherwise you will be in big problem one day.

Hey! everyone please do not buy the Keith's Tea Product at any cost. They are selling the worst Tea products.

29189604, 2013-04-08, 04:22AM CDT

If you are able to provide a batch code for the product which you are unhappy about we can investigate your complaint fully.

Please contact us on

[email protected]

8fb9ac82, 2013-04-24, 02:20PM CDT

I live in Ferndown, near to the Keith Spicer company offices in the UK. We used to buy their Old English Breakfast tea for our friends over in Spain and I've just phoned to ask for some more only to be told that they no longer do counter sales. What a shame that they've closed that option to us... although if the contents of the packets have changed recently, then we are being saved from disappointment. Does anyone know where else I can get large 900 boxes or bags of teabags in the UK for my English friends in Spain that would suit their palate?

29189604, 2013-04-25, 03:41AM CDT

Dear Customer,

Following your feedback I am pleased to advise we are able to help with your enquiry on how to buy the tea you are looking for. If you would like to contact us on [email protected] we would be more than happy to help you.

Best regards

Keith Spicer Customer Services

8fb9ac82, 2013-04-25, 07:38AM CDT

Thank you but after referring your reply to my friends in Spain, with the other comments that have been made on this website, they have opted to try another brand. I do appreciate your volte face reply though!

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