Posted on Friday, March 1st, 2013 at 5:31am CST by Schonda S.

Product: Lead, Water & Asbestos Testing

Company: EPA Testing Solutions

Location: US

URL: http://www.epatestsoluons.com

Category: Nature, Environment

If you have ever gone through a natural disaster and then tried to deal with all the contractors, companies and people claiming to be someone they are not. Well here is one for the record books EPA TESTING SOLUTIONS, a very bogus company with a limited website (hosted by word press) and they have no physical address to think of, none, on their website or on the bogus door ad they leave behind. They have a fax number with a Dallas, TX area code: 972-996-7792. They have a very generic About page talking about providing free testing, but no where do they indicate who they or their company is. They are using the recycle and bio hazard logos on their handouts, they are not registered with the EPA nor do they say they work for the Federal agency. If you ever come across anyone claiming to be from this company be aware, they are NOT real at all. Companies that work for the EPA use the EPA logo and give you real information you can use. Not made up info from on line like:

Federal law 40 CFR 762 or Federal law 40 CFR 745, what is that all about anyway, I found that on line in a legal section after a google search. Nothing worst than theives praying on homeowners after loosing everything they own and then to have these folks come in when you are not home and rob you blind. Just thought I would share they are NOT a real company that can be trusted by any means, if you see em call the police immediately.


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