Fairway House Cleaning and Carpet Care - Yelp assigned this business a ONE STAR for good reason...

Posted on Friday, March 1st, 2013 at 2:26pm CST by Mark A.

Product: carpet cleaning

Company: Fairway House Cleaning and Carpet Care

Location: 25690 Crenshaw Blvd. #204 Torrance, CA 90505

URL: http://www.fwhousecleaning.com/

Category: Home, Garden

Is it me, or does "complete house cleaning" mean something OTHER than complete? Well, according to this company, windows, dusty ceiling fans and dusty base-boards are not included.

Are you ready for the kicker? According to the cleaning people on site, they NEVER have done windows before AND she "didn't have anything to stand on to clean them." I suggested using a long handle duster. Wow, really?

I ended up personally jumping in (with the cleaning crew) to clean my own house after they said they were finished. 1 hour later, it looked great! Did I send them a bill for MY services? No.

Now for the carpet care services....(you might want to sit down for this one)

There are 2 people who run this business. Michael (who is completely clueless) and Massa who seems to be level headed and accommodating. But something tells me that Massa has little say in the matter.

My empty house didn't have an odor and had only 1 ink spot in the living room BEFORE they showed up to clean the carpets. By the time they had left, the entire house smelled like WET DOG and the spot (although lighter in complexion now ) was 5x the original size.

Massa was kind enough to reschedule for a second visit for Saturday at 2:30pm. Mind you, the house is completely empty. (keep in mind, Monday we would have tenants moving in).

Well, their second visit was left with a note on the front door claiming that they waited and called me for 30 minutes. (I left the house open and I never received a single phone call).

Fast forward to Monday: Now that the tenants have moved in, these guys are feeling the pressure. So now, my tenant is calling them and they are feeding her excuses for being late (again) like: "the truck broke down"..."no problem, we will come out and the dry time will only be 2 hours".

1.5 hours later, the worker shows up and completely contradicts what was said on the phone: "the dry time is 5 hours and I need you to know that it wouldn't be safe to be on it because of the chemicals etc...they would be harmful to your newborn baby and your pets."

Now, not only am I pissed off...now my new tenants are pissed off too. What kind of business is this anyways??

Fairway's response? "We need to charge you a $10 fee because of all the trips back and forth that we are taking...because we are losing money on this project."

Are you kidding me? You need a whopping $10 to make it worth your while?

Keep in mind, YELP users assigned a ONE STAR to this business for a reason and that reason is very apparent now.

You might be asking yourself: Why would you hire a company with a ONE star rating to begin with?

My response:

I like to give the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps Yelp was unfair. So here is what I did. First, I called the company and said these words: "I noticed you have a terrible rating on Yelp, but I would like to give you the benefit of the doubt anyways and allow your business to redeem itself with ME as your customer. In exchange, I would gladly post my experiences in a positive and refreshing light to balance the bad review that are currently on there."

I should have known then by Michael's response, that I was doomed.

Essentially, he threw himself into defensive mode and basically blamed the negative reviews on YELP themselves. He said that YELP pre-selected such reviews to highlight on their site and was being unfair. He kept rambling on. I had to stop him and say..: "Well, that is all about to change, right?"

It's been a month. My carpets are still dirty, my MasterCard company is getting my money back and I am posting MORE negative reviews on every site I can think of (including the BBB). You'd think a smart businessman would do what he could to make the customer happy, right?

I could go on and on and include some of the most bizarre email responses ever (which include them calling the police on me for harassment and the like). I am still LMAO for that one.


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