United Continental - Never Ship Any Animal with United-Continental Cargo

Posted on Friday, March 1st, 2013 at 2:16am CST by David K.

Product: Airlines - Cargo

Company: United Continental

Location: US

Category: Airlines

We purchased a ticket to Hawaii for our pet to arrive before a specific time (before 3:00 pm to satisfy direct release requirements from Hawaii quarantine and animal control. United-Continental decided to ship our dog on a flight that arrives after 5:00 pm. The earlier flight was booked with other animals that we were originally scheduled to ship our dog. United-Continental knew this when we delivered our dog to their cargo terminal in Atlanta, GA but did nothing to notify us. Because it was a Friday arrival in Honolulu, the Hawaii animal quarantine folks took our dog for the entire weekend. There was no way to get adequate food to our dog and the Hawaii folks were not available after 4:00 pm on Friday to allow us to provide any food. United-Continental was well aware of this because they knew the earlier flight from Houston to Honolulu was booked with too many animals already. Knowing this, they simply pushed our dog and other animals to a later flight without any notification. United-Continental didn't care about our dog or anything concerning the situation and refused to help us find another carrier in Houston to get our animal here before the prescribed time (3:00 pm). We pleaded with United-Continental to NOT do this but they just didn't care. Please do NOT use United-Continental cargo for any reason, especially for the shipment of dogs and cats. Too many unsuspecting military folks, like us don't need this. I will make sure to spread the word through the most powerful marketing tool of them all...word of mouth.


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