Element Electronics Corp. - ELEMENT TVS ARE JUNK

Posted on Wednesday, February 27th, 2013 at 8:00am CST by 547dd897

Company: Element Electronics Corp.

Location: 6880 Commerce Blvd. Canton, MI 48187

URL: www.elementelectronics.com

Category: TV, Music, Video

I purchased an Element TV from Target (Newburgh, NY) on June 16, 2012. I thought at the time it didn't work properly but after calling the company, I was told that it was okay and that is the way newer TVs worked.

Now the TV is really starting to have problems. It is shutting off by itself. It won't always display a working channel. After programming the TV, I get a lot of channels that only display black screens. If I accidentally pick a channel with a black screen, the TV freezes until it decides to let me change the channel. I can't even turn the TV off until the TV decides it will let me. The remote lags and most of the time I have to press the channel button twice to get the channel to change.

After calling Element to get service on my TV, I found there are NO SERVICE PROVIDERS as stated in the warranty. The customers ONLY option is to fax a copy of your receipt, call 48 hrs. later and if they okay it, YOU have to send the TV back to them for repairs or replacement.

In order to get my TV repaired or replaced I have to find a box that the TV will fit in and PAY to send it to the company. This is the first time I have ever heard of such a thing.

I called Target hoping they could do something to help me since I purchased the TV from them, but it was a total waste of time. All that Target will do is make a record of my complaint which means they could care less.

I went online to see if there are other customers having the same issues and sure enough, there are PLENTY of complaints against this company.

This was the first Element TV I have ever purchased and it will be the last one. As far as Target is concerned, I will never purchase anything from their electronics department again.

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Mary Anne F., 2013-04-23, 08:07AM CDT

I had the same experience as you did, only it was my TV turning off by itself, the other problems hadn't occured (yet). The tv ended up being a nightmare Christmas gift I had received from my parents (thanks Mom and Dad!). It was also purchased at Target and the problems of course began occuring after 90 days from the purchased date (I lost over one month of the 90 days by the time I received the TV already. I literally had only been using the TV for about 6 or 7 wks when the problem started. I thought my son was crazy when he kept telling me the TV was shuting off by itself, until I experienced it with him. If it had been within the 90 days of purchase I could have exchanged/returned it at Target.

Like you, I read the blogs and learned that these are common problems.

I was astounded to learn that I had to pay for my own shipping for their defected product! I had never heard of this either. I had UPS come to my home to pick it up and they ended up charging me $141.00!!!! Are you crazy??!! WHAT?? I fought it and it was brought down to $28.00 Thank you UPS!

Now my parents purchased me a brand new Element TV. I received a refurbished on from them. Sound even to you? I think not. I will never by an Element. I knew it was going to be a problem when it was a brand I had never even heard of when I opened the wrapping paper. Not to sound snobbish, however....

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