RTD Denver Regional Transportation District - Poorly Trained Drivers, Terrible Customer Service

Posted on Wednesday, February 27th, 2013 at 11:10pm CST by 79c55fed

Product: Denver RTD / Regional Transportation District / Denver Public Transportation

Company: RTD Denver Regional Transportation District

Location: 1600 Blake St Denver 80202

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I've used RTD for many years, and pitched it as a great alternative to driving. And why not do anything possible to reduce congestion and pollutants in this beautiful state...However, over the past several years service provided, both via bus drivers and via RTD customer service has deteriorated to often offensive (via customer service) and to reckless and even dangerous (via bus drivers).

I've been on buses drivers had no idea what to do with, turning down the wrong streets, asking passengers if they know the route, actually going the wrong way down one way streets (something that happens more often than makes the news) etc. Further, I'm noticing more and more drivers apparently trained to simply drive from point A to point B, with attitude toward passengers as being a deterrent to that goal. They'll stop and let them board if they actually notice them standing at the stop, let them off if they happen to notice the bell being rung - however far ahead it's rung, and forget any consideration when the weather is bad and the stops are difficult to get to at all -they don't even slow down....and don't expect driver action to be taken when those boarding are vocal in ways that remind of 1930s rhetoric, expressing opinions to passenger after passenger and then expressing bitter sense of righteousness when passengers don't offer support.

I've been on buses that have pulled out leaving potential passengers just half the bus (right along side passenger windows) away from the doors, waving and running as the driver closes the door and pulls away seemingly deaf to any attention attempts.

I've watched as well as experienced the driver simply pulling away from one stop and then ripping past the requested next, even though the bell has been pulled and at least a block ahead of the stop being requested - however, they refuse to stop in between stops when they forget to stop at a requested stop, stating safety rules and regulations - but they have no issues with affecting the passengers safety late at night or during bad weather for then having to get back to the stop the driver was simply too lost in thought to stop at.

They will not stop for passengers stuck in the middle of intersections trying to get to the corner stop on the other side of the remaining half of an intersection, and if this is ever brought up (another I've both witnessed an experienced), the passenger is informed by RTD that it's their (the passengers) responsibility to be at the stop prior to the bus arriving, even if the passenger got the bus info from RTD and was trxfring from the first to the second at the times RTD direceted,(this is still not something for RTD to be responsible for considering? Buses exist to pick up and drop of passengers)......RTD is becoming famous for putting it all on the paying passenger.

Customer service now seems lacking in any customer service training. Whether calling simply for a route, or time, or issue, reps express the same speedy, disinterested, standardized answer as if calling customers are interruptions to their day (they're telephone customer service reps). If the passenger is calling to complain, prepare to be corrected and educated on why any complaint for a bus driver skipping requested stops, running early and passing up passengers only to stop and park for 2 minutes a few stops later (too late for the missed passengers), or racing past passengers in a snow storm when there are no cleared stops or paths on the major streets (drivers will race past (I've seen them race faster than the left lane vehicles) passengers waving and tripping but not right at the buried unreachable stop)aren't RTD's problem. The customer service reps will immediately inform of the passengers responsibility and all the reasons the driver cant be responsible.......they might not have not heard the bell, or more offensively that they cant just take your word that you did in fact pull the bell, because drivers are assumed to definitely acknowledge and stop if the bell is pulled (so passenger must have simply not pulled and is just saying they did), that drivers aren't responsible for less than accessible stops - that they're the city's or property owners responsibility, and if the passenger is left for not being directly at said spot at that point, that's not their problem etc........and the tone is so unhelpful and uninterested from the start.

It's a shame RTD has no competition. It can be as good or lousy as it cares to be and not worry about really loosing too much for it. There are no options to it save opting for car/gas/ins and driving. That said, I have stopped recommending RTD as a decent alternative to regular driving, and now understand when I hear others say they've tried it and it was just too stressful and unreliable.


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