First American Home Warranty - First American Home Warranty LIES and uses their limits of liability to confuse and anny

Posted on Wednesday, February 27th, 2013 at 10:37am CST by Dan

Product: AO Smith water heater

Company: First American Home Warranty

Location: SAN DIEGO, CA, US


Category: Appliances, Equipment, Tools

First American Warranty(FAW) LIES !!

I got them because I bought a new home in December/12. By January 2013, my hot water heater was making loud banging noises as a result of sediment. They noises could easily be heard by neighbors. FAW contract states (limits of liability #2 and #3) that they will basically repair or replace an item based on "normal wear and tear." So FAW sends out 2 plumbers that say the sediment noise is caused by build up of sediment over time (normal wear and tear right?) and both plumbers say it CANNOT be repaired. FAW then says they won't replace an item that has not been MAINTAINED properly (limits of liability #13). 1, I just bought the house. 2, How do you even maintain a water heater properly that sediment does not build up over time ?

So here is the skinny; FAW will fix your small problems. If you have a major problem (which is why you get them in the first place) they will try to use #2 and #3 Limits of Liability. If that fails they fall back on telling you it wasn't maintained properly and they are not liable to repair or replace something that wasn't working properly. FAW is a scam using complex wording that tries to confuse people into believing everything is okay. If I take them to court I will win, but should I really have to go through that. Happen to you ? Email me [email protected]


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