3-Click Advance - Advance Commission for Realtors

Posted on Tuesday, February 26th, 2013 at 9:25am CST by e5f5ceea

Product: Real Estate Commission Advance

Company: 3-Click Advance

Location: US

URL: www.3clickadvance.com

Category: Real Estate

I needed to pay some bills before my closing was scheduled to close. My broker informed me of a commission advance service she had heard of and forwarded me a coupon for $59 to use the service. The coupon would not open, but I called I filled out the 3 steps on the internet. I then spoke with Eric at the company. When my paperwork was complete and I received it I noticed that it said the fee for the advance was $300. I called Eric and he assured me that it says $300, but as soon as my commission advance was paid back in full by the title company I would receive a refund of the difference between the $59 taken out of the $300.00. So, my closing closed and title paid them back. I called a couple of more times and I was told that the refund would be back into my account shortly. After a few more days I emailed them and my response was that I did not qualify for the refund because it took longer for them to get repaid than 14 days. This was the first I ever heard of 14 days and I called title and they said that the company held the check for a week before even cashing it. SO, agents beware that this company does not like to honor their coupons. There are many other advance commission companies that charge less than $300 for a commission advance. I would definitely not recommend this company. Even after filing a request for an exception with this company they still denied my use of the coupon. I am very disappointed with this company. They even tried to tell me they sent emails explaining how the coupon works, which is totally false. All I was told was that my coupon would be utilized and I would receive a refund after my closing and the advance was paid back.


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