- Horrific Customer Service

Posted on Tuesday, February 26th, 2013 at 4:10pm CST by marietta r.


Location: 1938 Fisher Trail (I believe this is correct. The address is conveniently not listed on their web site and I had to google a bit. Atlanta, Ge, 30345, US
ATLANTA, GA, 30345, US


Category: Nature, Environment

I have a website about parrots. I wanted to use a picture of the Red-Sided Eclectus'. It was a simple request and I couldn't find a link to Contact us. Which for a company of their size I was surprised so I called the number given. I spoke to a woman named Jane. If my assumption holds true she is the owner or in that capacity. I realize it was just use of her photo but she tore my head off for asking such a request. I said "Lady all I was asking was for the use of the photo." She was belligerent, her attitude was shocking for being a Southern company (there was NO Southern hospitality in her way of communicating). It is sad that many companies have customer service go out the window and the ol' mighty dollar take the forefront.


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