Precision Induction Cooktop - Nuwave Precision Induction Cooktop FRAUD!!!

Posted on Tuesday, February 26th, 2013 at 5:13pm CST by Jodie H.

Product: NuWave Precision Industion cooktop

Company: Precision Induction Cooktop

Location: 1755 N Butterfield Rd


Category: Appliances, Equipment, Tools

Recently I was involved in, what I consider to be, a big consumer fraud. I unfortunately, watched an infomercial on the Nuwave Precision Induction cooktop. The ad showed all the wonderful features, as usual, and went on to add the ?but wait!? line and promised several other items that would be given to you for ?FREE?. Then of course the ad claimed if you call now, your order would be doubled, ?for FREE?. You would just have to pay extra S&H. I watched the ad twice to make sure I had not overlooked anything. I called and placed the order. I was told I would receive everything on the ad and in addition, I would receive a $50 gift card to Walmart. I was told I would have to pay $29.95 for ?each set?. I was a little taken aback by this but assumed that would be ok for all the items I was supposed to get for ?FREE?. In addition, I ordered a griddle top and a carrying case for one of the cooktops. I was told I would have to pay additional S&H for the extra items. Again, I agreed since it wasn?t a substantial amount.

Here is what the ad said I would receive in each set:

Nuwave Precision Induction Cooktop

3.5 Qt. Pot w/lid

Stainless steel steamer basket

9? green nonstick omelet pan

10.5? green nonstick sauce pan

9 piece fondue set

This is what I received in ONE box for a total of $72.80 S&H:

2-cooktops S&H @29.95 ea.

1-griddle top S&H @9.95

1-carrying case S&H @3.95

I called to inquire about the ?FREE? items. I was asked if I had paid for the 2 sets of ?FREE? stuff. I said that I had indeed paid for it mentioning the $29.95 X 2. She then told me that I was very much mistaken. The 2 ?FREE? sets came with a separate S&H cost of 74.95 EACH!!!! I tried very hard to contain myself and told her exactly what the salesperson had told me on the phone. She stated that she would have a supervisor review my taped phone order and get back with me. I was called several weeks later and told that I was never promised those things without paying extra S&H. She then, very cheerfully, offered to still send me the "FREE" items for the $75 a pop! Needless to say, I told her to "keep" her free items. To date, I still haven?t received the ?FREE? Walmart gift card.

I feel this is a complete and utter consumer fraud that the public should be warned about. I am pretty sure many of the other infomercials offering the ?but wait? free 2nd item operate the same way. It?s no wonder these companies have dominated the after midnight TV airways.

Interesting note: The email used on my receipt is not a valid email.

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Ric, 2014-02-02, 06:55AM CST

It's always best to stick to online ordering, when you are trying to purchase from these infomercials. You can't trust those people over the phone. At least if you see outrageous prices on the website you can keep a record of it. Or choose not to buy it.

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