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Posted on Saturday, February 23rd, 2013 at 7:48am CST by Page H.

Product: Furnace-Draft Inducer Motor

Company: HVAC Parts Outlet

Location: HVAC Parts Outlet PO Box 44

URL: www.hvacpartsoutlet.com

Category: Appliances, Equipment, Tools

HVAC Parts Outlet provide horrible customer service. They are rude, speak to customers like they are stupid, ignore you, and try to rip you off!

I need a Draft Inducer Motor for my furnace because it is starting to go out, and when it does, my family will have no heat. I had the model number for my furnace, but did not think that I had the part number for what I need.

I started searching on the internet. I found HVAC Parts Outlet with the website address of www.hvacpartsoutlet.com. They claim on website "we can assist you in finding that hard to locate HVAC part to keep your home comfortable." I searched on their website and narrowed it down to 36 choices for the part.

Since I could narrow it down no further, I emailed them on Thursday morning to obtain help. By Friday afternoon, at 3:30PM CST, I had received no response. Therefore, I called them. The man on the phone did not give me his name, but was extremely rude and talked to me like I was stupid. He told me that since I did not include the complete model number, they just deleted my email with no response. He said that is their common practice.

I gave him the complete model number(I thought that I had before), and he let me know that he was in a hurry because they were heading out the door. He claimed to find the part and told me that it would be $415.18 and did I want it shipped by UPS. I asked for the part number. I wanted to make sure that he was sending me the correct part because that is a lot of money. He told me that they do not give part numbers, and that if I wanted to wait and order later, he would give me a reference number. I wrote down that number and ended the call.

Now, I was upset because he was no help and was horrible to me. I found a tiny sticker on the part on my furnace, used a magnifying glass, wrote down all the numbers on it, and continued my search on the internet. Through this, I figured out the part number and found on many, many websites that sell HVAC parts my part for $60.00-$170.00. Whatever he was going to sell me was either the wrong part, or he was trying to rip me off!

Therefore, I emailed them at about 4:30PM CST. I stated "Thanks so much for being so rude and not helping me. Since I did not give the full model number the first time, you just ignore. I will purchase from anywhere, but you. I will be sure to let everyone know what a horrible company you are." I received a quick response to this email at 5:42PM CST which was "Your Welcome". I could not believe how rude they are to customers. And-they ignored the email when I needed help, but respond quickly to be rude! Plus, I thought they were headed out the door!

Please, do not purchase anything from this business. They will rip you off and treat you like dirt.


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Business Reply  Earl M., 2013-02-27, 02:27PM CST

In order to for HVAC Parts Outlet to provide the correct information to our customers, we require the complete model number. During a customer request via online a link and a picture is provided to show exactly what we require. Carrier and Bryant units have a 2 numbers. One is a model and the other is a product. We require the product number to properly reference any part. The system we use is a website offered to us by Carrier/Bryant and they set the standard for how to look up parts. If a person cannot provide the information as we require even though we ask and display an example of what we require, then it is not our concern.

We are here to provide a service. Not answering an email does not constitute poor customer service. If a customer is in dire need of an item and wants our free assistance immediately we do provide a toll free phone number. Our policies do dictate we do not look up part numbers and just give them to anyone who wants them. We are not a technical support center.

If the above mentioned customer already had a part number, then why be upset?

We serve thousands of customers a month and we have positioned ourselves as a leader in the online retail of HVAC replacment parts.

ea3ce4aa, 2014-12-16, 11:17AM CST

We are also customers who had a similar and unfortunate experience with this company.

We voice the concerns and distress many other customers have expressed about this business. If you look around in the internet, you will find many complaints against HVAC Parts Outlets that attest to a pattern of a rude and offensive behavior by their leader who verbally mistreats customers. This business it is not credited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Therefore, there is not much they can do to help and it is up to us, the customers, to create awareness about HVAC Parts Outlets? poor practices and offensive approach. No business should be allowed to intimidate or demoralize customers who come to them for help, guidance, and to purchase their products.

The man on the telephone did not give us his name but we were told by a third party that his name is Earl Morrissey. This person is rude, has a very quick temper, and will make it a point to inform you that you are an idiot and that he has an education. Well, I have an education as well which includes a Master?s degree, but I did not see the relevance of sharing any of it with a sales representative. Obviously, his approach clearly indicates that good business practices are none of his business and he will make no effort to reason with the customer or provide the guidance one seeks.

After asking questions he considered ?uneducated? and unnecessary about the part I tried to purchase, he asked me what my problem was and proceeded to insult me. I asked him what the matter seemed to be but he did not want to explain it and said that he did not have the time to play games with me. Then he made it clear that he would not sell the part to me and that he would take it off his website so that I could not purchase it. In fact, the part was removed immediately after he hang up the phone on me.

The irony of the situation is that now he claims that the inappropriate behavior came from me. But I am not going to get into that because he knows what happened and he knows that I am not the first one to complain about his exceedingly graceless and inhumane behavior. No customer like me is going to reach out to any company with the intention of doing anything else besides inquiring about a product with the sole purpose of purchasing it. However, this person will be quick to assume otherwise and will create a crisis where there is none.

I will never ever try to do business again with this company and will make sure that none of the people I know who are in the house flipping business do. Should you be unfortunate enough to come in contact with this person, keep in mind that most likely you won?t be at fault and that some people carry a substantial amount of anger and frustration and they will try to make you feel responsible for their misfortunes and life failures.

Business Reply  Earl M., 2014-12-24, 01:48PM CST

This post is unfortunate. This did not happen and it is sad these kinds of post are allowed without factual investigations.

The staff at HVAC Parts Outlet was verbally badgered and abused more than once. One staff member, the nice one, asked to be removed from the continued badgering. The numerous calls over a 2 day period led to the enforcement of HVAC Parts Outlet policies. This policy protects the customer service representatives from abusive behavior.

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