a rome newspaper - customer complaints cause chargeback to carriers

Posted on Friday, February 22nd, 2013 at 8:39am CST by brian f.

Product: newspaper company

Company: a rome newspaper

Location: ROME, 30161, US

Category: News, Media

The customers have a right to complain if they dont recieve the paper.. but occasionaly..there are usually extenuating circumstances..that prevent certain customers delivery. some include, the customer failing to check paper tube, pets, adult children taking the paper themselves.., neighbors, weather conditions ,causing the disapperaance of the delivered paper,or even mistyped directions on the invoice/ subscriber list, or even theft by unknown persons. the carrier gets 5-to8 cents per paper to deliver it, however gets a charge back of 2 dollars each deducted from their paycheck per each paper that was not recieved by the customer.the newspaper cvompany requires each sub contractor to sign an agreement , that only benefits the company..without regards to any rights thereof to the respect of the carrier. given..either you sign this contract..or you will not be employed here. but this is a job that has no benefits whatsoever because they technally are not employees..and have no rights.there is not a union to address these grievances, but there should be...and the newspaper company reserves total rights ant any whim to terminate the contractor. a binding contract that its win- win for the company..and the carrier loses..and is expoloited. carriers use their own vehicles, and are responsible for the upkeep, fuel, maintenance, and liability. the circulation department is brutal in posting blame right away on the carrier, instead of reflecting on the fact that production, and warehouse distribution is usually late causing the carrier to be late at the end delivering the product in a timely manner. and the carrier is charged for a late or non delivery fee that can exceed 30 dollars a week or more in some instances.a high turnover rate in carriers has caused problems in circulation..thus causing management to tighten further restrictions and penalties on the loyal carriers who belive in service, and duty to the customers at large.


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