Walmart - One Key and Cashier Quality

Posted on Wednesday, February 20th, 2013 at 1:31pm CST by Fed Up

Company: Walmart

Location: US


Category: Health, Beauty

I have been to Walmart in several places, but when I went to one in Garner, North Carolina on a trip, it was horrible. First off I bought some whiting strips and they were in a locked case. I waited for someone to unlock it and it took them 15 minutes to find who had the key. Why are the strips so important that they had to be locked up? And if it was that important that it had to be locked up, why does nobody know where the key is? It got worse when everybody lined up behind me to get various things, and looked at me like it was all my fault. Eventually I gave up, got some other things and went to check out. But it got worse, I had my son with me and he is fairly young. While I was at the cashier, he wanted to help the bag lady put things in the bags like he usually does. But the cashier went over, grabbed his hand and scolded him. After that, I got out of there and away from that ***** as fast as possible. As a bonus, they had 16 cash registers and only 2 cashiers on duty. It was just awful.


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