Snuggbuds - Refused Refund

Posted on Wednesday, February 20th, 2013 at 4:02pm CST by Chris M.

Product: Sunggbuds Pump'd Earbuds

Company: Snuggbuds

Location: 30262 Crown Valley Pkwy., Suite B-394


Category: Consumer Electronics

I bought Snuggbuds earbuds at the WDW Marathon expo and one of the buds fell apart during that marathon. I just got off the phone with a guy that said he was an owner. After telling me I deserve a refund, he said he will NEVER send me a refund for their defective product because my return letter was rude. I told him that the letter was rude but factual. His product fell apart the two days after purchase - 21 miles into a marathon - letting me down when I needed it most. I returned them within the refund window just as their website states.


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2f0a0c80, 2013-02-20, 04:48PM CST

I have only experienced great customer service with SnuggBuds Headsets. A set that I originally purchased at the Sacramento Marathon was defective and I returned it to their Laguna Niguel address. Within 2 weeks I had shipped it out, the defective headset had been replaced, and I received it 1 day after receiving e-mail confirmation for the replacement (just in time for Christmas!!!). The customer care representative handled everything very quickly, and was very kind about it. They answered all of my questions and even gave me some suggestions to prolong the life of the headset. Everything was quick and efficient and I was really appreciative. I have yet to incur any further issues with my SnuggBuds.

Chris M., 2013-02-20, 05:02PM CST

Be glad you didn't hurt their feelings. I have no complaints about the Customer Service person that called. It was this guy today (said he was an "owner") who took offense to me being angry about his product's durability and sound - it fell apart during a marathon 2 days after I bought it. It let me down when I really needed it and I have a right to be mad. This guy's attitude disgust me and they have no right to refuse my refund. It was returned with their forms filled out properly, receipt included and sent inside the date window they required.

This guy needs to have his wings clipped by his partners - it is a horrible way to do business.

Sammy L., 2013-02-21, 10:43AM CST

Chris, My wife and I have purchased many headsets for family and friends through this business. Out of the seven or eight headsets we purchased, either online on a marathons we attend, they have always been very good to us. We had one unit out of the bunch where we experienced a speaker issue a year after purchase. We sent them ours and they responded right back again with a new headset even though it was out of warranty. SnuggBuds have been great for us and Best Buy gave us a 30 day warranty on a much more expensive set and I unable to do anything. We stand behind this company and we have met the owners many times. Good people.

I also just checked their warranty...and it does say All Event Sales are Final in second sentence under 30 day warranty. Even though we were outside of 30 days they really took great care of us. Here is the link

Chris M., 2013-02-21, 11:14AM CST

Glad your problems with the bad set worked out. Two comments on my post now, each mentioning defective earbuds. Interesting.

Even though this owner guy said what he said about a refund, I was informed by email after his less-than-pleasant phone call that all I was entitled to was a replacement. When looking into returning them, I focused on their website statement, "Each and every customer has the right to return any product within 30-days of purchase for a full refund". I'm evidently not considered "each" or "every" because my purchase was at an expo. The receipt did say all expo sales final. To me, that meant no returns back to the expo people.

e908aa04, 2013-02-23, 10:39PM CST

That's a bummer about your experience with the earbuds not working at the very end of the race. I've done marathons myself and know how those last miles are the toughest to get through. Fortunately, for me, I've never had a bad experience or problem with my snuggbuds. I've gone through 3 or 4 or them, not because I had any problems with them, but I just lost them or misplaced them only to find them later somewhere buried in my workout bag or in between my carseats. In those instances, I always ordered more because I liked them so much. They actually stay in my ears when I'm sweating and I think they have great quality of sound, especially for the price I get for them. I use one pair for working out and the other for handsfree while driving. Anyway, just thought I'd share my opinion.

15fb3348, 2013-02-24, 01:51PM CST

I have been running with my Snuggbuds headset for 3 years now and they still work great on trails in our local mountains and two 1/2 marathon training blocks. They never fall out of my ears and their sound is amazing.

Chris M., 2013-02-27, 05:32PM CST

I am happy to report that the company made things right.

b84507be, 2013-03-19, 03:42PM CDT

I bought Snuggbuds at the San Diego Fair, and returned them when the ear wig fell apart. I filled out the form and sent them in. I received an e-mail stating I could get a 50% coupon code, but when we tried to use the code, it was refused. We have tried for a week to get a hold of anyone, but no one answers. Do NOT buy this product!

Sammy L., 2013-11-21, 10:16PM CST

I have been a customer of SNUGGBUDS for years. They have always been outstanding with customer service and have always stood behind their products!! I strongly recommend their products and the sound blows away the competition for the price point! Just bought another set from them at New York Marathon!

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