Florida Safety Council - SSS Program

Posted on Tuesday, February 19th, 2013 at 3:09pm CST by 40b5643c

Product: SSS Program

Company: Florida Safety Council

Location: 1505 E. Colonial Dr. Orlando, FL 32803
ORLANDO, FL, 32803, US

URL: www.floridasafety.org

Category: Products, Services

I started the SSS program in February of 2012 I was granted my BPO license on March 15th of 2012. I have complied will all requirements in the program: drug tests, abstinent from alcohol, paid all fines and penalties, gone to meetings including: Florida Safety Council meetings, IID appointments and the requirement to go 2 times per week to a support group, received no tickets, had no accidents and I completed the Relapse Prevention Counseling ordered by the Florida Safety Council on October 5th 2012 {6 weeks at Addictions Counseling Service} (Attached are the findings of Dr. Ken Rabac, EdD, CAP and Clinic Manager Terri Rabac) As you can see they do an advanced evaluation and conduct alcohol and drug testing at this facility. Also, both the evaluating doctor and clinical manager both stated I do not have any issues with alcohol or drugs. I have had no tickets or accidents {please see MVR that was paid for on 1/21/2013}.

On October 5th I was notified that I was being referred to relapse prevention counseling which was attended and completed (Please see attach documentation.) I have been in constant contact with the Florida Safety Council and contest the termination from the program as I have adhered to all program guidelines. As a part of the ACS counseling they report directly to the SSS Program on treatment progress. I also my continued attendance in the 2 support group meetings per week.

On January 30th I was notified of termination from the program due to attendance. Which is incorrect, I have attended all of the required counseling sessions and meetings also paid the renewal for the MVR. At no time was I ever notified via mail, email, phone or fax that I was not in compliance. In the past if I was ever out of compliance I was contacted by a member of the Florida Safety Council staff notifying me corrective action was required.

Since being in the SSS program the program (due to attendance requirements at multiple locations and varying times): I was unceremoniously terminated from my position at Fidelity National Financial as Sr. Operations Support due to the attendance requirements of the SSS program (I have since started my own company and travel extensively for contracts). I had to attend 6 weeks of additional counseling at great personal expense (I had to fly back in town). I have been forced to attend drug testing with only 24 hour notice (it made no difference that I was out of the state and had to fly back at my expense for the testing, they would not differ until I returned to the state or allow me to take the test from out of town, causing undue financial hardship) {I notified them I would be out of town in advance}. Before ever being accepted into the SSS program I was without a driver?s license for 3 years.

I feel that this is an issue that needs to be brought to the attention of the BBB due to the fact that their old program director (Kelly Dong) stated she would notate my account resulting in termination from the program. I see the impositions from the Florida Safety Council of termination being overly severe, due to being a 1 employee company; work schedule and travel attendance is an issue. If corrective action was required I would need to be notified. Furthermore, the Florida Safety Council has failed to notate my account on several occasions when I did call. They have failed to notate my account with the fact that I spoke with Kelly Dong about these issues and she stated she would address them; she may have not fulfilled these due to her leaving the Florida Safety Council.


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