Exceptional Car & Truck Sales, Inc. - Over 3 months without Brand New Scooter I Bought

Posted on Tuesday, February 19th, 2013 at 8:04pm CST by Erika B.

Product: Tao Tao ATE-501 Electric Scooter

Company: Exceptional Car & Truck Sales, Inc.

Location: 4580 49th St. North

Category: Cars, Motorcycles, Boats, Vehicles

On 11/2/12 I bought a Tao Tao ATE-501 Electric Scooter (VIN 13146012070588500) from Tim at Exceptional Car & Truck Sales for $751.14 plus $32.10 for a trunk. 2 miles down road scooter started making noise. When I got it home, it wouldn?t charge. I called immediately and took it back a couple days later. Tim said rear hub assembly and charging port were bad and submitted a claim to manufacturer for replacement under 6-mo. warranty. The next week he told me parts were approved by manufacturer and he would let me know when they come in (1 to 2 weeks). The last week in Nov I called to check on it - Tim said manufacturer said they would not pay shipping of $190.00. He said he couldn?t, I told him I couldn?t. He said if I waited till he made a scooter order in a couple of weeks, they could ship with his order. I called to check with him mid-Dec (2 weeks later), he still hadn?t placed order, he said he would make order the following Mon, Dec 17, 2012. I called the following week, he still hadn?t placed order. I told him I really needed scooter by Christmas, I was moving to Spring Hill on 12/26/12. He said no way. I suggested he switch out scooter parts or give me a refund, he said he couldn?t do that. I told him it had been almost 2 months and was bordering on lemon law. He told me to deal with it myself, he was out of it and hung up on me. I came to shop on 12/22/12, I talked with him and he said he would still get parts included in shipment when he could afford to make order. I have called him every week since the first week of Jan, checking on the progress. First he said he made order and was waiting for it to arrive. He said mid-Jan there was problem with order, he was negotiating with them. 1/29/13 he said didn?t know what to do, suggested swapping parts with another scooter. I called 1/31/13, he said parts didn?t fit. He said he may switch scooter out for another one. He said I was to pay labor and he would find out how much from mechanic. I didn?t hear from him and called 2/4/13, to ask about amount. He said $150.00. I don?t think I should have to pay more on a new scooter that I only drove one time. Tim called me on Friday, February 8, 2013, and told me that he had his mechanic fix the broken parts and that he had $100.00 in parts and $150.00 in labor. He told me that he would ?eat? the $100.00 if I?d pay for the labor. I sent him a letter stating that was a ?repair? that he did not discuss with me and that I did not authorize and that I just want to come pick up my scooter for no additional money and we can call it a day. I?m sure he didn?t even fix the parts (maybe the charging port). I am friends with a master mechanic that will replace the broken parts with the replacement warranteed ones. I wrote Tim a letter dated February 8, 2013 detailing the events and asking him to surrender my scooter with no money owed to end this unfortunate situation. I gave him the date of February 15 to respond. On February 13, 2013, since I was in Clearwater, I took my friend?s advice and went to Exceptional Car & Truck Sales to try to get my scooter. Tim saw me and went to get the scooter out of the back ? there was no discussion and I assumed I was taking the scooter and that would be the end of the situation. Tim pulled it up and said he needed to get some paperwork and disappeared. It was taking some time and my friend went inside to ask what was taking so long. Tim informed her that he was preparing the invoice. She said, invoice for what? Those two proceeded to get into a verbal argument. Tim and I both called the police who talked with us (seemingly sympathizing with our situation), however, they were clear that they could do nothing about these circumstances and that it was a legal issue. We left peaceably, albeit upset at the treatment we received. My friends were taken aback by the fact that he started yelling right off the bat and wouldn?t listen or discuss anything. Since the start, Tim has NEVER listened to me or tried to compromise. He ALWAYS talked over anything that I had to say that was remotely negative or questioning in nature.There was no trying to talk things through as adults, he simply has never been able to have a difficult conversation. By the way ? my friend challenged his shipping cost estimate and I said he has previously told me it would be $190.00 for the parts from the manufacturer and he said on February 13, 2013 that it was $180.00. This is incongruent with his price that he quoted me on numerous occasions prior to this and also Tao Tao?s quote of $15.00 that I obtained from Johnny Cai at Tao Tao USA. I still have no scooter and do not think I should have to pay to get it back in whatever condition it is in. I do not trust this man or business and just want my scooter or a refund.


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