USAA - They take your money THEN verify your identity

Posted on Tuesday, February 19th, 2013 at 1:53pm CST by 8a5b890d

Product: Bank

Company: USAA

Location: US

Category: Business, Finances

I opened an account with USAA on 2/11/2013. On 2/15/2013 I attempted to log onto my account and a message came up informing me that my access was restricted. I called the 800 number that appeared in the message box and was transferred to an agent. I was basically informed that I needed to email them my ss card and driver's license, which I promptly sent to them. I tried to access it again today 2/19/2013 and again, restricted access. This time I was told I would have to email a utility bill and a copy of a lease.

I do understand avoiding identity theft, I really do and I appreciate that, what I don't understand however, is taking your money then refusing to give you access to it until you jump through various hoops that they come up with. Who can go 2 weeks without access to their money? I am anxious that they won't verify me for whatever erroneous reason they come up with and keep my money. One of the agents told me that this is possible. Then I guess USAA gets to keep my money. If this were $500 or even $1000, I wouldn't be too upset. But it is substantially more than that.

Think twice before you transfer money into your new account with USAA, I made the mistake of giving too much up front and for that I take responsibility. If you have moved around a lot like I have this causes a red flag to them and they are in no hurry to verify who you are no matter how insistent you are that they expedite the process.

When and if I get access to MY money, I will be removing it from this institution that has little regard for what they have put this customer through...not even a single apology for the inconvenience.


d09c6903, 2013-06-28, 08:22PM CDT

This same scenario happened to me. Did not verify my indentity when I opened the account. When I transfered fund to USAA account, did not verify my identity either. Only when I transfered fund out of USAA account, it blocked my account and started to check my identity. In the fist call to USAA, I was asked for SSN, driver licence, utility bill. I sent them the files. In the 2nd call to them after one week, I was asked for lease, and tax return. I sent them. In the 3rd call to them, I was asked for phone the bill and 3 year tax returns. They never noticed me what they really wanted to check. Each time, I made a call, they asked for something extra. They never noticed me what more documents they needed. Only when I found my account was still locked, then called them, they told me they needed something else for indentity. The USAA employees I contacted were rude, under-trained and under-educated. I could feel it the way how they talked to me. Only the last one I spoke to liked to help me. My account has been locked for 2 weeks. USAA set a trap for me when I opened the account. I thought they did not like me transfering fund out of USAA, so played game with me just for harrassing.

Mrs H., 2013-09-17, 08:09PM CDT

My question is did they transfer the funds that you had submitted prior to them locking your account. Was that funds transfer successful? Because the same thing happened to me, as soon as I made a transfer they locked my account. There was no way I was going to send my SS card or ID to some High School Drop out, so after I did not receive my transfer, I called my bank and did a reversal of ACH. Just wanted to know if you were able to receive your transfer prior to them closing the account.

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