vodacom service provider company - cellphone contract cancelation 315 unused minutes forfeited

Posted on Monday, February 18th, 2013 at 1:34pm CST by ebrahim c.

Product: cell phone contract

Company: vodacom service provider company

Location: vodaworld 082 vodacom boulevard midrand

URL: www.vodacom.co.za

Category: Telecommunications

I Ebrahim choonara took out a cellphone contract with the vodacom network in february 2011 phone number being 071 471 1047 at the end of the term i did not wish to renew the contract but i currently have 315 unused minutes (airtime) that belongs to me as i have paid for them already. now when i notified vodacom of the 24 dec 2012 alrady that the contract will not be renewed the agent handling the matter did not mention at all to me the the minutes will be forfeited as i am moving my number to there prepaid system. i then received two sms from vodacom in early jan 2013 confirming that the debit order will be stopped & the 2nd sms stated that the number would be move to prepaid on the 01 march 2013 noting about the loosing my minutes. on the 15 february 2013 i called the cabcellations dept to verify if all was still on track spoke to a lady name Zandi & she tells me the minutes will be lost as vodacom sent me an sms in jan2013 confirming this so i asked her to resend the sms as i did not receive it so we can verify. i hold on a few minutes she checks her system & comes back to me saying that it could be an error & the sms wasnt sent to me. i ask to speak to teamleader she then dissconnects the call & till today the 18/02/2013

i havent heard from them.

now after all money we spent with them over the last two years this is how we are treated im disgusted by that. AFTER ALL THOSE MINUTES BELONG TO ME I PAID FOR THEM HOW CAN IT BE FORFEITED ITS TOTALLY WRONG I THINK.

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