Go Flex Box - They are scam artists

Posted on Tuesday, February 19th, 2013 at 3:51pm CST by Crista A.

Product: Mobile Storage Unit

Company: Go Flex Box

Location: 1228 Belmont Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19104

URL: www.goflexbox.com

Category: Products, Services

Flexbox, owners have changed a numerous amount of times since I have been a customer of theirs since 2008. They quoted me one price then over time, have changed the price without notification. I attempted to address this matter and was blown off. I have and continue to request a monthly invoice to show a break down of cost and payments, they OUT AND OUT REFUSE to send me one. I have an email, from Edward Chang, telling me "no, he will not send me an invoice". Also, Edward Chang, is the previous owner, Joe the current owner (i think) still uses Mr. Chang's name and salutation on his emails.

They threaten to sell my items in the units if I miss a payment, but they refuse to provide me the detail of my payments. However, every once in a while when I do get one, the balance is never correct. I've disputed the balance for years, I have even filed a complaint with the Attorney general, although it's out of their jurisdition, they advised me to pursue legally. That route is not only costly but time consuming.

I wouldn't trust them at all, they steal your hard earned money. They received an F score with the BBB for the same reasons. I wish I'd only had gone on the BBB website prior to utilizing them.


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