Orleans homes builders - Linda from Orleans posting comments now after all these complaints. Why would you even be searching this site.

Posted on Monday, February 18th, 2013 at 9:11am CST by chris Pat W

Company: Orleans homes builders

Location: US

Category: Building, Construction

Linda from Orleans PLEASE. You leave a comment now that disgruntled buyers should call you NOW. Do you think all these complaints about your Company is by chance. Orleans doesn't honor their Warranty. Your homes are pure garbage. I paid well over a half million for your product and nothing but issues.

TO ANY PROSPECTIVE BUYER- DO NOT BUY from ORLEANS. Drive through the Meadows at Mansfield or Covington Estates in Mansfield, NJ. Speak to anyone that is outside their home about their feeling on buying and dealing with a Orleans product. Speak to the HOA members on the Board and get their feeling. the list is too long to state all the problems. If Orleans wanted to attempt to make their buyers happy you wouldnt see all these complaints. This is the single worst mistake I ever made. We have not even been in the house a yea and all the people we have dealt with initially have been fired or quit. It's only matter of time that they are bankrupt again and they all will be out of work. The majority of homeowners in the Meqdows are now having problems with their shingles are blowing off. This is because the quality is so poor. Our water is gold for who knows why. People complain and they don't even return calls. The saving grace is Orleans is nearing their request to have the bond money returned. I have already been before the Township committee and planning board. The township said they have received numerous complaints about Orleans. l will post a follow up in a few months to see if " Linda" from Orleans was just giving lip service. There Customer Service is the probably the worst I have ever dealt with in my life. They are ignorant and just plain not that bright. Whomever is in charge in Bensalem will not be around for long. Their prospective buyers are going elsewhere. Again if you are thinking about dealing with them just drive through on a warm weekend and ask people. It would benefit you and save you a lot of headaches.

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Eddie J., 2013-08-23, 11:43PM CDT

Chris Pat,

I share your feelings. read my post from Aug 13 or 14 title "I win the worse story contest, what did I win, a NIGHTMARE". I'm in North Carolina and it's the same story here.

My dream of home ownership is a living nightmare!!!!

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