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Posted on Sunday, February 17th, 2013 at 12:57pm CST by Weisu N.

Company: Straight talk

Location: Straight Talk, Inc Attention: Executive Resolution Department 9700 NW 112th Avenue
MIAMI, FL 33178, US


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Straight Talk has the worst customer service. I have spent three days and many hours try to reach a customer service person, all I have received was recording and the message telling me to call back and hung up on me. My daughter encountered same problem. She desperately needs to talk to a live person to solve a problem (caused by Straight talk)in order to swap to a new phone. She can not do it online or on her cell. It has been three days, she has not been able to reach a live customer service person. What kind business model is this? Do they even care about their customers? We paid for the service and have not received what we paid for. We are very unhappy customers.


Joe P., 2013-02-18, 05:52AM CST

Agreed 100%. Please watch and listen to their customer service in action at the following links below. I have had an issue with them for 2 weeks that they refuse to resolve and this is how they treat their customers in need of help.

Part 1:

Part 2:

b4449919, 2015-05-09, 12:02PM CDT

Straight Talk survey response to live chat service that shows even ST's supervisors are only interested in using their positions, time & energy in "playing games" w their customers, rather than providing even a modicum of assistance to a disable customer:

While I've waited for the past 5+ days for my ST phone to get activated w my phone #, I do not have a functioning phone to follow through w the issues causing this delay. That's why I'm trying to get phone service - because I don't have a phone. I won't go into the details, as I can only assume that this survey will be associated w the chat session that elicited it. And in that chat, I described the history of what has, or more accurately, hasn't taken place in not being able to get my ST phone activated. I even was dap to help your chat rep by providing a concise summery of the relevant issue now at hand w my beginning chat entry, so that it might save them some time reading through my tkt 1112107945. So much for trying to help.

Despite previous ctcs w ST re trying to get my ST, directly purchased, phone activated ALL of your other chat reps ,& esp. ST's manager/supervisor (Suzana) whom I had the "pleasure" to "chat" with more than once, went well beyond a "can't do attitude", to a let's see how much we can s#*t upon this (known to be disabled) customer, whom they had been made aware of had very limited physical ability to do what the ST's chat reps & spvr were asking her to do. It is VERY seldom that I ever ask for help. I was asking these ST reps for help only because I both really needed it + I was actually asking for very little assistance. And it was more a matter of asking someone to "think out of the box" than anything else.

Both chat sessions that involved ST supvr Suzana ended w a survey which I answered ( on Tues. the 6th of May & today the 9th of May), although not in as much depth. In this 1st chat session, Suzana & the previous chat rep who initially took the call, both insisted that there was nothing they could do to assist me as it showed that Virgin had 2 requests to port my phone# so it was up to me to CALL them to get this straightened out. These two "can't do" Tues., ST chat reps were provided the exact same info from me as today's earlier chat session. And like today's earlier ST chat rep, they could have taken this info, applied themselves & done what they are paid to do & collected the same info that the today's earlier rep did & saved me a min of 3 days of delayed activation. But Noooooo, sticking together & playing the "one moment, please" hold game held much more appeal for them.

It was very clear that neither the ST rep nor ST supvr Suzana had any interest in assisting or "listening" to me & clearly live chat is not suited for them as they take advantage of live chat's biggest flaw - it requires the operator to both care enough & to pay closer attention to what the customer is trying to communicate - these rep's don't have this aptitude or don't have the interest in doing so. What's worst, they take advantage of this impersonal live chat flaw, viewing it as a power game as the customer has to wait for them to reply back.

Live chat reps are not supposed to be the party that disconx the chat sessions, whenever possible. This makes sense. So when a ST live chat reps standard learned responses aren't resolving a problem & they don't want to bother resolving the issue they just do the "putting the customer on hold" or "one moment please" power game, .no longer servicing the call in order to waste the customer's time (because they have the "power" to do that) until the customer gives up holding.

If these same reps were instead putting the same amount of energy into actually servicing the call, as this earlier morning chat rep did, they too would have discovered what this morning's chat rep did - that the info I was giving them (that I had not put in a 2nd rqst to port my phone# over) if followed up on properly would have led them to learn that is was a ST error that had created the duplicate rqst to Virgin & thus the delay in getting my phone activated. They could have also learned, what today's (Friday) good chat rep had learned

that there was a problem w the Virgin acct.#. Since I had 1st spoken w this ST supvr Suzana 3 days earlier, this would have meant at least 3 days less delay time in getting my phone activated!

Based on ST's chat supvr's Suzana's actions, there's a distinct correlation between the time period between communications, The hold time is probably not logged by ST's system, because it would never show her typing until EXACTLY when I started to type - EXACTLY! Like a brat mimicking you. It mattered not whether the time from the last "one moment please" typed from the ST's end to when I next typed was 2 minutes or more than 20-30 minutes. Her typing would start as soon as I started to type. The holds were never to check to see how the problem(s) could be resolved because the supvr only came back w a single line, standard expression sentence that was either irrelevant or ignored the question at hand. I'm making a rough estimate but I'd say @ 45 min of an 80 min call was hold time w aprox 38 min of that 45 min being the hold time ST's supvr Suzana had me on a non serviced, "one moment please" holds; & only to come off hold, EXACTLY when I started to type/chat.

It seems to me ST could do much better hiring mature & confident customer service chat reps & if they happen to be caring & have a "can do" attitude, like today's morning rep, all the better.:)

As I was getting ready to finish our conversation this morning, I was getting the impression that she was going to actually be able to do more to help me than I thought she could. But I'll never know as my computer accidentally logged off at that moment & our chat session was cut off.

Too bad this agent doesn't represent ST's norm. As it appears to me based on my experience w ST live chat reps so far, ST's has some serious abnormal chat reps as their norm :(


Date of live chat "service" - 5/8/15

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