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Posted on Sunday, February 17th, 2013 at 3:59pm CST by MsKaren M.

Product: Vet service /pets

Company: State Street Animal Hospital

Location: 4634 W. State St.
WI, 53208, US

Category: Pets, Animals

Relatives have gone to State Street Animal Hospital for years as it is low cost "working mans vet" based on "first come,first serve" appointments.

I was asked to take in relatives 3 dogs for just a Rabie shot - I was quoted earlier as being $18.00 a pet /no exam - first come /first serve but it was always PACKED with customers and I put it off until December 2012.

There was absolutely NO customers in the waiting room (which I thought I lucked out )I discussed the "RABIE SHOTS" with "sharon" and showed her the old receipts at a different vet(s) for the three dogs (16.00-21.00 per dog for last 1 year rabie shot )- Sharon did attempt to sell me on other services (Parvo, distemper, exam , etc ) However, I clearly and specifically asked for "JUST THE RABIE SHOT" for each dog - and was happy to "pre pay' so I didn't have to juggle the dogs after services rendered. Well, I got shuffled in for the shots and then got a whopping bill for over $129.00 - $75.00 OVER what I expected because they did the "exams" anyway and said "since services were rendered I had to pay!"

BBBcomplaints were ignored/unresolved - and Angie List didn't even respond. I'm sorry I was DUPED and overcharged for services not requested and never knew State Street Animal Hospital was taken over by a pricer vet Center of Animal Health in Wauwatosa, WI

The worse part is the "vet" that gave the shots certainly did no exam and couldn't even answer a simple question on how to remove eye stains from a white coat (or prevent it ) I was ripped off without compensation


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