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Posted on Saturday, February 16th, 2013 at 8:25am CST by Ron A.

Product: Honda Natural Gas Generator

Company: Central Maine Diesel

Location: Central Maine Diesel 29 Carey Circle Hampden, ME 04444
HAMPDEN, ME, 04444, US

URL: http://www.generatorsales.com/about-central-maine-diesel.html

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February 8, 2013

Central Maine Diesel

29 Carey Circle

Hampden, ME 04444

Attn: Bill Perry C.E.O.

Re: Invoice - 18924

GX 690 Honda- S20f Mecc Alte Generator

Dear Mr. Perry;

This letter is written about the above captioned invoice and to express to you the frustration I have experienced in dealing with your company. As we discussed on the telephone in November, I placed an order on 11/3/2012, the above captioned motor and generator which was to have a 4 week lead time. Since no one responded to my emails I called you on the status approximately one week later. Billy in your office claimed that there was no record of this order. You had assured me that you did have it and the order would be delivered as scheduled. On 11/16/2012 the full price of $2,858.00 was charged to my charge account. When I called you again I wanted to know why the full amount was charged and if the unit was on time. You stated that you had to purchase the components and the unit should be shipped in the beginning of December. After calling your company again, the unit was finally delivered at the end of December, 8 weeks from the order date (not 4) and 5 weeks after it was paid in full.

On February 2, 2013 after the unit was placed, installed and hooked up with the required attachments, it had its first test run. The motor started, the generator turned but there was no 220 power at the outlet. I immediately sent an email to your company advising of this problem. I have yet to receive a response. I believe your website claims that all emails are received by two people and that I should of received a response. On February 4, I called your service department and spoke to Dan. I advised him of this problem and he said I needed to drive this 300 pound unit to Bohemia to have someone look at it or if I paid for travel time I can have someone look at it since it was already installed. Well on February 5, I called 3 local companies, 2 of which do not work on this generator and the third has not returned my call after I left a voice message that I bought this unit from your company. On February 6, I called back Dan to advise of this, and then he wanted me to take the voltage readings again and get back to him with them. Well after receiving an email from Mecc Alte (which I initiated to a Mr. Nikolay Bogdanov) advising me based on the problem it probably is a winding or diode failure. After receiving this information I called back Dan, to advise him that I wanted a new tested unit shipped to me and this one picked up, he response was that only you can authorize that and you were in Las Vegas until next week.

The phone calls, ignored emails, and most importantly the generator that is not working properly is very frustrating. This is now the second storm in the area which I have lost power and do not have the benefit of this generator. I have spent a considerable amount of time and money to have this generator. For reasons I do not want to disclose I need electric power for medical reasons for my family. I now have to rely on backup systems. I would like a new unit shipped this one picked up and consideration for loss of service. I hope you can address this replacement when you get back from Las Vegas.


cc. B.B.B. MA. Complaint 9411207

American Express Credit Card Division ref. N0155638

Consumer Affairs - NY

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Mark C., 2014-12-09, 11:22AM CST

I purchased a $5500 triple fuel generator from this company. It arrived missing screws, which were provided after I provided photos. Next I used the specs listed under the natural gas listing for my generator on their website, to size the pipes to fuel the unit. The specs are wrong and after bringing this to the attention of the owner, the information is still incorrect, weeks later. This error caused my plumber to run $1000 of pipe incorrectly, the owner of Central Maine diesel takes no responsibility for his errors. I now have an additional $1000 in plumbing costs to fix the problem. This does not include the time wasted on planning / research using faulty information.

If you read the website or listen to the phone promotion they state that the units switch effortlessly between fuels. This is a flat out lie. Anyone who has ever swapped from nat gas to propane or visa versa learns quickly that these two fuels do not behave the same and need different settings. So switching actually requires tuning the regulator if you are able to get the unit started. Not the casual switch promoted.

I am very surprised that after multiple issues, flat-out incompetence and misleading advertising that there are not more red flags regarding this company.

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