PartzNow - Sent me a piece of junk transmission

Posted on Saturday, February 16th, 2013 at 6:42pm CST by Elisa J.

Company: PartzNow

Location: 1236 East Empire #1 Bloomington Illinois 61704


Category: Cars, Motorcycles, Boats, Vehicles

We were looking for a transmission. We found this site we called and spoke to a man named Mr. Carter. He confirmed to us what we read on their site. Their Transmissions were tested and was in A1 shape. We trusted them and Paid them for the Transmission in December of 2012. They shipped the transmission and we had it put in and it did not work. We called him and told him it didn't work. He told us it must be something wrong with the car. So we had the car taken to a transmission place to test the transmission and they said the transmission was definitely was not any good. Payment out of our pockets!!! We called Mr. Carter and told him. He said he would give us $200.00 back and send us another transmission once we send the other one back. Remind you the site said these transmissions has been tested before sending them out to the consumer. We cant get another transmission until we send the other one back. Pay someone to put it in and now pay someone to take it out plus we are out of 950.00 for a transmission that does not work. This is now February 16 2013. Still no transmission. These guys need to be stopped from ripping people off. We need to come together to stop them and get our money back every dime. My contact info is [email protected] please address yourself in email opening so I will know who you are. Please Help!!!


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