Padonia Station - Open letter to Padonia Station

Posted on Friday, February 15th, 2013 at 12:57pm CST by William Stanley

Product: Restaurant

Company: Padonia Station

Location: 63 E. Padonia Road


Category: Restaurants, Bars

Dear Sir,


On Thursday night (Valentine's Night), I went to your establishment for a quiet drink and a bite to eat. I ordered a 'Jack & Seven'. The black female bartender brought me a 'Jack & Coke' by mistake. When I mentioned she had made a mistake she brought me a straight 'Jack.' When I asked her where the 7 up was she lied to me telling me there was 7 up in it! When I told her she had made yet another mistake she copped an attitude. Soon your large black security?gorillas?came to my table and told me I had to leave. I did. I have been a patron of the Padonia Station for months and this was the 1st time I've ever been thrown out of your two-bit dive because some idiot, black, female bartender didn't know what a Jack & 7 was. I've never been treated so poorly in a bar in all my life. I will never walk in your dive again! Not only that, I will post on my blog and my web pages what arrogant, stupid, idiot, lying employees you hire and I will make damn sure this will cost you patrons. I promise you; this WILL cost you in the long run! You need to hire bartenders and security?gorillas?that don't throw regular, paying customers out of your establishment after they have screwed up and then lie to your customers about it.

? Thank You,

? ? William Stanley


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