Good Seats Tickets - Guarantee not honored

Posted on Friday, February 15th, 2013 at 5:53pm CST by Ann B.

Product: Wicked performance

Company: Good Seats Tickets

Location: 1490 S Price Rd


Category: Education

I purchased 5 tickets to Wicked from on 12/1/12, and immediately received a confirmation receipt from The Ticket Caf?. My credit card was charged in the amount of $550.05 on 12/3/12. I also received a confirmation email including a FedEx tracking number. When I still had not received my tickets as of Monday 2/4/13, I sent a message (via the link in the email to explaining that we were excited about the show, and asking when I could expect to receive tickets. Heidi Robison from The Ticket Cafe, called me the next day, explaining that she there was a note in her system that "someone just called a couple of days ago,? irate that the tickets had not been shipped and demanded the transaction be cancelled. She said that she had no idea of how this could have happened, and that she would be glad to rebook us with different seats for a $50 fee. Since I made NO such call, I refused to pay an extra $50. I was perfectly happy with the 5 adjacent balcony seats we had already selected. I contacted Good Seats Tickets to find out how this situation could be remedied. I spoke with someone named Shelby, who was immediately able to see the message in the system about my supposed irate phone call. She placed me on hold for 27 minutes, during which time her manager contacted Heidi Robison. I was told that, since the broker was willing to work with me to get ?better? seats for a $50 fee, that there was nothing that could be done, and that, since it was Heidi?s word against mine, Good Seats was in compliance with the terms of their guarantee.

I am absolutely disguested that my 40th birthday celebration with my friends, a Broadway show around which we planned an entire out-of-state trip, is being sabotage by someone?s mistake. Where we planned and paid far in advance to see the Sunday matinee ? the last day of the show?s run - and for the opportunity to sit together, right in the center of the balcony ? together, we are now being forced to go to the Saturday evening show (which we purposely did not book because it is the same day we are travelling from Montana ? hopefully we will not encounter any travel delays). Rather than getting to enjoy the show together, we are forced to be separated into an awkward split of three and two, on opposite sides of the theater, in seats that we feel are far inferior to the ones we planned and paid for back in December.

I believe that someone either cancelled the wrong order, or else, upon realizing that I still had not received my tickets, put the false message into the system and cancelled the transaction to cover their own embarrassment.


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