Giga-Byte Technology Co, Ltd. - Gigabyte - defective (new) keyboard cost me $26 to return for RMA service... Company refused to pay shipping

Posted on Friday, February 15th, 2013 at 6:08pm CST by Matthew P.

Product: Osmium Aivia Keyboard

Company: Giga-Byte Technology Co, Ltd.

Location: US

Category: Computers, Software

On 12/29/2013 I purchased a BRAND NEW Gigabyte Aivia Osmium Mechanical Gaming Keyboard through The total cost shipped to me using my Amazon Prime Student Account (so no shipping cost is part of the product cost) was about $130.

The keyboard, which is a newer release from Gigabyte (or technically Giga-Byte Technology Co, Ltd.) started to malfunction sometime during the first week or two when I got the unit. I did not realize it at first, but there were odd things happening with typing - all of a sudden I would be typing and then suddenly it was 'as if' I held down the space bar physically (which I did NOT) and it started adding hundreds (infinite until stopped) of spaces.... I thought maybe I had done it by accident so I let it go a few times but it also happened with some other keys (I forget which after the space bar thing).

I researched this - having never experienced anything like it - and apparently this kind of thing 'can' happen with some mechanical keyboards. I have NO idea why.

I also noticed that I had to wiggle the headphone plug a very tiny bit to get a solid connection in the headphone jack that Gigabyte put onto this very sophisticated keyboard. It has other things like USB 3.0 and 2.0 ports and all sorts of things.

SO - NOW I had TWO defects that I realized I should NOT have on such an expensive keyboard (at least for me- - It was gift money from my parents and I could NEVER have afforded it).

Unfortunately, by the time I realized that I had to DO something, I looked on Amazon and I was JUST a few days PAST their return date where I could have returned the thing - which is probably - NO CERTAINLY - what I would have done especially if I KNEW THEN WHAT I KNOW NOW.

I found out several bad things about Gigabyte and their so-called customer service on my expensive keyboard with a 2 Year Warranty that was about 4 weeks old....

1. I registered my keyboard on the Gigabyte Forums - there is one specifically for this keyboard.

2. I wrote to Gigabyte about the problem and after having to write more than once got an RMA number and an address to send it back to.

3. I have NEVER, in all of the literally tens of thousands of dollars worth of items that I have purchased online in the last 20 years, come across a company that has such horrendously poor lines of communication with its customers. Let's put aside the fact that there isn't one communication I had with them that didn't indicate that I was not dealing with someone for whom English was their first language - which is fine except when you're dealing with technical customer service it's NOT FINE. Let's put that aside.


WHY did I have to pay $26 at the UPS Store yesterday (which I can break down for you- into shipping cost, box cost, materials cost) to ship a BRAND NEW, DEFECTIVE item from NEW YORK to CALIFORNIA!!!! Let me make that clearer - why on EARTH did I, the customer, have to shoulder a cost that works out to TWENTY PERCENT of what I PAID for the item to ship THEIR DEFECTIVE ITEM back to them so they could fix it and send it back to me?????? I have NEVER dealt with a company in RECENT MEMORY- and I'm sure most of you would agree - that does not pick up the cost of this kind of shipping - It's simply OUTRAGEOUS. NOW - the keyboard - whatever and whenever they get around to sending it back to me - REALLY COST ME $156!!!!!!!!!!!!

5. I wrote about this on the forums I mentioned above - in

THREE places- - stating that I was upset and angry (this is BEFORE I even got the RMA number because I researched how it worked) and NEVER got a SINGLE REPLY.

6. I wrote about it to several email addresses at the company once I got the RMA number and said exactly what I am saying here - about being upset and angry about having to pay cross-country shipping and boxing and whatever on this item- because I knew it would cost me a small fortune.

This is my complaint. And I finally called them and got EXACTLY the answer I expected. NOTHING. This is how they do RMA stuff. It doesn't matter that my keyboard was only barely out of the box. This is just how they do it - a multi-billion dollar company - the same company that sells a lot of the motherboards in computers world wide. That is WHO Gigabyte is, lest you think they are some small company. They are HUGE - like ASUS and INTEL. They can AFFORD to pay the return shipping.

I have dealt with phenomenal companies in the last year, actually, like North Face - who took a 7 year old shell that had some reflective stuff worn off and a TEN year old backpack - and gave us a $400 -- YES FOUR HUNDRED DOLLAR- - GIFT CARD AND they ALSO repaired the backpack and sent it back like brand new


Gigabyte or Giga-Byte Technology Co, LTD has NO CLUE how to give good customer service to people.

I WILL NEVER BUY a Gigabyte product EVER again my life. And I'm a Cybersecurity (IT) Student and I will be in this field for life!!!!


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