BlueSky screens in Orlando,fl - Blue sky bounces 2 checks still unpaid a year later

Posted on Friday, February 15th, 2013 at 2:33pm CST by Bobby B.

Product: Blue sky screens stole $3800.00 dollars

Company: BlueSky screens in Orlando,fl

Location: 4845 distribution court orlando,florida
ORLANDO, FL, 32812, US


Category: Building, Construction

One year ago the owner Bruce Rynearson wrote my company 2 bad checks !one was for $1600.00 the other for $3700.00 !when I originally spoke with Bruce he said he would make them right!but he wanted another order out of my company and I said when you pay off your bad checks I will sell you another screen enclosure!well he never made it right so I went to the bank (suntrust) and got the $1600.00 dollar check to cash !The guy (Bruce) has the balls to call me up and said I screwed up his checking account!What nerve ,so I told him I was going to prosecute him for the other check his comment to me"idle threats are for pussys"!!! I call him everyday doesn't return phone calls matter a fact he has blocked my calls!He (Bruce)called me one day and said he spoke with his better half Kim(his wife)and said she had said he was rough on me and you owe the guy the money just pay him!Well here it is a year later doesn't return my calls or texts this guy is a crook in my day you bounce checks you go to jail!If you go online and look him up on the net there are tons of complaints about him taking deposits and not finishing or even doing the job!warning all homeowners stay away from this crooked contractor!any questions my email [email protected]

I have filed this with states attorneys office and the Orange County sheriffs office they will see you soon Bruce old buddy then I will say idle threats are for pussys!


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