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Posted on Thursday, February 14th, 2013 at 2:22am CST by C C.


Location: US


Category: Health, Beauty

I purchased several packs of hair from Hair Sisters, via their website , for my wedding hair style. The items purchased were supposed to be received by Jan 7. I never received them. I have been in contact with the company several times for a refund. The representatives, although respectful and kind, have been ineffective in issuing a refund. The issue lies with their mail carrier UPS. UPS claims to have delivered a package without receiving a signature to prove reciept of delivery. Several investigation, on this matter, with UPS have been opened mishandled and closed in favor of UPS even though the person responsible for the delivery has offered three conflicting stories about the package. In spite of the blatant proof that the deivery guy is not telling the truth about something,and that I have not received the items I purchased; Hair Sisters refuses to refund my money for the items I never recieved until the investigation closes in my favor. UPS informed me that although the information concerning my situation sounds bizare and fishy they have the right to continuously re-open the investigation if they choose to as many times as they want to re-open it. They have already reopened the investigation three times. Hair Sisters offers apologies. I don't want apologies. I want my refund and for the companies to disupute this issue on their own dime,not mine. Buyers beware! If you purchase from this company you risk potentially having to go this ridiculous wait game and hoop jumping process in hopes of receiving your hard earned money back.I feel like I have been swindled out of my money and countless hours on the phone accomplishing nothing by a money hungry company. Save yourself the frustration. BUY YOUR HAIR SOME WHERE ELSE!!!


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