Alabama Power - Heartless Robbers

Posted on Tuesday, February 12th, 2013 at 5:15pm CST by 99e69863

Company: Alabama Power


Category: Unauthorized Charges

I can not believe how Alabama Power has a monopoly here in the South and are doing whatever it is they want. They need to be investigated because they are pulling one of the biggest scams in history and need to be on 'American Greed.' I am a single mother and thank God all of my children have grown up and out of the house. Years ago, my power bill was so out of control I tried everything with even calling Alabama Power directly to see if they could help me. They offered to send a technician out to my home to inspect but SURPRISE, didn't find anything wrong on their end and then charged me an additional $10 service fee on top of the $800 (for one month) bill I already had. I couldn't afford to pay it so they turned the power off after another huge bill. I didn't want to ruin my credit so I went to their office and paid the bill and since my dtg had a new baby, I moved in with her a few years back and forth to help her. In the meantime, my dad wad diagnosed with cancer so I move to Tuscaloosa for about 2 1/2 yrs to care for him. I would go home on occassion when I needed to get away for short periods to gather my thoughts. I purchased a really good generator for my sporadic visits and went on my way freely thinking that all was well. When the storm came in 2011, my home had damage and trees fell, my meter was broken and meter box had some damage as well so I got that fixed and covered it. Well, I have recently decided to fix up my home and come back and when I went to Alabama Power to apply for power, I was told that since it had been so long since I was there, that I had to get everything inspected which was fine. I did that and when I returned, I was told that Alabama Power felt that I had stolen power for around 4 years and that they'd estimated me to owe them over $18k for stolen power and the only way that I didn't have to pay them is to show them another address I had where I received mail. I explained to them the situation but they refuse to turn my power on saying that I had to pay them. I am so outraged and upset, my blood pressure is stroke level because not only is this totally false, I had to talk to a LOUD speaking lady while so many other people were behind me in line and most of their workers peeping to see who she was talking to. I felt so humiliated and angry at the same time because they are not interested in my situation, they are just looking at another way to exploit money. I know something can be done about this so if anyone know an attorney or what I can do, please contact me ASAP!!!


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