Beacham Apartments - HORRIBLE Apartment Leasing Managment

Posted on Tuesday, February 12th, 2013 at 5:14pm CST by 4cd49290

Company: Beacham Apartments

Location: 1832 Wilmington Hwy


Category: Real Estate

Stay away from here if you want any kind of customer service from the actual management. Not only did they misinform us when we signed the lease, but then when an issue arose because of it, leaving me locked out of our apartment with no offer for help but a rude attitude, they lied in their response to the BBB as well as created multiple new issues with their disgusting attitude when we came in after the first issue, the manager putting her hand actually in my face, refusing to address me. Make sure your girlfriend/boyfriend has a "permission slip" (a blank piece of paper you write on) from you, granting you access when they tell you they CAN'T sign the lease, make sure they add your significant other on the lease (all they have to do apparently is run their credit as well) and don't ask for them to fix anything as the tickets magically get closed out when nothing was actually done.


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