Posted on Tuesday, February 12th, 2013 at 6:43pm CST by Barrack O.

Product: Tires

Company: Town Fair Tire

Location: Milford, Massachusetts
MILFORD, MA, 01757, US


Category: Products, Services

Visited Town Fair Tire on 2/12/13 to purchase 4 Michelin tires for my wife's vehicle. The sleaze bag counter sales person kept us waiting - with no one else in the store - for 15 minutes as he "verified" the price match promise this store made to us the prior week. After finally agreeing to match the tire price from a local retail competitor, he then claimed he needed to "verify" the Michelin $70 Rebate coupon some other tire retailers were offering. This sleaze kept us waiting again for 15 minutes as he rambled on about Michelin's marketing programs and how some tire retailers offer the rebate, while some others do not. Not interested. This Town Fair Tire sleaze bag seemed to want to debate, argue, and contradict every legitimate discount / rebate program that was available to customers. Originally, he did not want to match the price, nor did he want to honor the other retailer's Michelin $70 Rebate. Took our business down the street and saved $50. IF YOU WANT TO SAVE ON NEW TIRES, DO NOT SHOP TOWN FAIR TIRE! THEY WASTE YOUR TIME!


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