CoffeeOutlaw - Unhelpful, snotty customer support

Posted on Tuesday, February 12th, 2013 at 9:56pm CST by smart52240

Product: Online order

Company: CoffeeOutlaw

Location: US


Category: Online Shopping

Even though I was upset this is poor customer support that degenerates to snotty: Just read the Email

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Subject: Re: Fw: Get 5% off your order when you return to Coffee Outlaw

I really like it when you send me these Emails with discounts. Especially the fact that they DO NOT WORK! Multiple times you have sent me these and almost every one gets to the checkout stage and then informs me they have already been used. Nice try to get me to just place the order after getting me in the site and ready to check out. I will now take my business elsewhere - you want it, let's try 20% off for the order in my cart and free shipping. I really hate bait and switch tactics. GOODBYE!

Not a problem, we are canceling your account right now.

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Oh, and I will make sure and tell 100 friends! Thanks for great customer support!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your very welcome! Have an excellent week!


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